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Out on the Lions field, Buddy and his crew sit around on folding chairs shooting the shit until Buddy calls their attention to the radio playing in the background: "Looks like 6 and 0 isn't the only record the East Dillon Lions have." Buddy gets Coach on the phone ASAP and we watch as Coach turns on the radio in his truck to catch Slammin' Sammy talking about some website that just went up listing the criminal records of many of the Lions players. "He's got a team full of violent criminals."

Credits. Open on the Lions gathered around a computer looking at Weird animation leads the viewer to a page full of mug shots, the most hilarious of which is third from the left -- Hastings Ruckle as a, like, 11-year-old. Tough! Luke can't believe it, Tinker wonders what he's worried about, he doesn't even have a record. Vince points out that their records are supposed to be locked up. Tinker clicks through to his own page, and Luke wonders aloud what the hell he was doing breaking in to a pawn shop. Tinker shakes his head and says it wasn't even his idea, it was his cousin's. Hastings, in the background, shakes his head and walks away. Which is like what he's doing in EVERY SINGLE SCENE he's ever been in. Joe R and I have been discussing how very blue-balled (okay, that is my term, not his) we have been feeling, waiting around for our intellectual jock story line. Sigh.

The Panthers booster meeting in the back room of the Applebee's. There's no Joe McCoy to bear my wrath but there is some awful man telling an off-color story about some woman who had her skirt tucked into her panties by accident. Ugh. Remember when Tami Taylor marched into one of their meetings and told them what was what? Well this time it's Coach, and he comes barreling in to ask "a simple question": who released the records on his players? They play dumb and Coach reminds them that the players are just kids. They play dumb some more but Coach just tells them to "shut it down." If they want to go after someone, they should go after him, not his players. He takes his leave, nodding at Mac (who looks sheepish and ashamed) as he leaves.

Tami is on the phone with someone at Burleson College, trying to explain that Julie was just overwhelmed, but doesn't want to lose all her work from the semester. Julie comes out looking for a dad-prepared "tofu scramble." Tami is curt with her, saying that there's cereal for her. Julie pushes it a bit, "Great. Cereal." When Tami asks what she's doing today, all she can come up with is "answering a few emails and doing some stuff." So Tami tells her that she needs to take Grace to school and pick her up. Julie starts complaining, but Tami cuts her off, telling her that if she's going to be living there, she has to help out, and also figure out how to pay her father back for the car. Tami gives her ten minutes to leave with Gracie, and Julie slumps and mopes.

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