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Playing Dirty

Lions practice. The kids are distracted, Coach calls them to huddle up. He tells them that he knows they are thinking about the website. He tells them that the release of that information is criminal and whoever did it will be punished. Vince says it doesn't matter who did it, the information is out there now. Coach tells him that he knows they are all pissed, he's pissed, too. But that whoever did it did it to blind them with anger and he's asking them to not let that happen. He asks the kids to focus. Then: "Friday: what do you say we punish?" The kids murmur in retribution-y excitement. They break up and Coach asks Vince for a word. Vince, through his helmet, asks Coach if he really thinks that any colleges are going to want Vince after this. This is seriously like the most naive statement ever. Coach tells him the records won't matter, but Vince thinks that now all anyone will ever see in him is "a thug." After School Special out!

Billy has Luke lifting a car fender in his back yard, yelling at him that "real men don't use weights." Becky comes out of the house with Stevie on her hip. Luke looks at her and smiles big: "Hey Becky. You're looking good." She goes back in and Billy is like "Really? That's your game?" Luke tells Billy that Mindy told him to go for it. Billy reminds him that "my wife is a woman, dumb ass. She doesn't understand how men work." He says that the first rule is that if you like a chick, you have to ignore them. Then he asks Luke if he knows how he got Mindy. Luke is willing to hear the story, and so Billy tells him all about how he went into The Landing Strip a bunch of times and got a lap dance from every girl EXCEPT Mindy. And that by doing so, he had Mindy BEGGING him to let her take him into the "Champagne Room." But Luke is barely able to keep up with the story because he's way back at "Ms. Riggins works at The Landing Strip?!" Billy tells Luke that he's got to let the woman know that "they can't get this. This doesn't come for free. They gotta earn...THIS" vaguely and off-camera gesturing at his crotch. Luke shifts his glance from face to crotch, and basically this is a great scene. Luke closes it down by asking, with a grin, whether "Ms. Riggins" still works at The Landing Strip. Billy sends him back to his fender benches.

Coach dwells on the website when Tami comes into the kitchen. She tells him to stop wallowing, that even if the material on the website is rough, they are still his boys and he's doing a great job with them. She sort of sighs and then says "Let's have a barbecue" which is a miracle, because Tami Taylor does not like to suffer all these boys coming in her house clogging her toilets. Coach is surprised by her offer, and she sort of sighs some more "Barbecues build morale, right?" But then Tami gets inspired and realizes that she can put Julie in charge of a lot of the annoying barbecue logistics and declares, as the phone rings, that maybe they should do it just for that. Coach answers the phone and it's a guy from fake Shane State in Florida calling about an opening they have on their staff. Coach tells him that he's not interested in assistant coaching jobs and this guy says he's not offering that. He's offering a Head Coach position. Coach is taken aback for a moment but then reiterates his position that he's not interested. The guy persists, saying that he thinks Coach is the best high school football coach in the country. Coach tells him that he's caught him at a bad time, and the man says okay, but he's not done bugging him about this.

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