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Vince throws the football through a tire strung up out back of his apartment complex. His father comes out, smoking. I love Smoking Ornette. BAD GUY, you guys. He SMOKES! He comes out and asks Vince what's on his mind, and Vince tells him that he's pissed that he's worked so hard, but now TMU probably just deleted his number overnight. Ornette takes out his phone and rattles off some numbers. "Area codes" he tells his son. Turns out he's got hos in different area codes. Where hos=colleges interested in Vince. Alabama, Florida, Oklahoma. He's been talking to these schools all day. They don't care about Vince's record, not since Ornette told him that he's got an offer from TMU. But, wait! Vince doesn't HAVE an offer. Ornette says it doesn't matter, they don't know it. They're coming to watch him play this week, "see that canon of yours." Show them a sixty-yard arm and he'll get a scholarship. Vince says he doesn't make the play calls, and doesn't know if he'll get a chance to throw like that. Ornette reminds him of a time when he was little and they went to the park and Vince insisted on climbing a tree. But once he got up there, he was too scared to come down. Ornette asks if he remembers what he said then and Vince does: "Don't worry, son, I ain't gonna let you fall." And now Ornette repeats those words back to his son. He won't let him fall.

Commercials. Tami buzzes about the house shouting about how they are going to have 300 people in their house and everyone needs to pitch in. She tells Julie to go shopping for food that afternoon, and that she'll be taking care of Grace and setting up. Julie nitpicks her duties but Tami holds firm. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Coach is going through the fridge, horrified when he pulls out a container of Fage yogurt: "Who eats this stuff?!?"

Over at the Playgirl Ranch, Luke hits tires with sledgehammers, holds a tank of propane over his head, wheels a wheelbarrow full of bricks around all while Billy wears Stevie in a Baby Bjorn on his chest, covering the child's head when he takes sips of beer. Billy whips up a nasty looking shake for Luke to drink, which Luke does, but not without grabbing an unblended piece of spinach out of his mouth and nearly gagging it all up while he does. Billy tells him that he used to make these shakes for Tim, and that the difference between Tim and Luke is that Tim LIKED to hit people and Luke does not. Luke protests and so Billy takes him over to a punching bag set up with the image of a Panther player -- Tommy Larkin -- on it. He gives Luke the players stats and tells Luke that come game day he's got to go for this kid and lay. him. out. Luke starts punching and punching until Billy has to run off to go get his baby. Which: heh.

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