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Lions practice. Ornette watches his son and talks talks talks to Jason Street on the sidelines, worrying over how nobody is getting to see his son's canon arm. Jason politely hmms and yeses him. On the field, Jess runs over to Coach to ask about the recommendation but he pushes her concern aside to ask about Vince. Coach Taylor, you may be a molder of men, but you are FAILING YOUR GIRLS. He asks her about anyone getting in touch with TMU on his behalf, which is just a shitty thing to ask Jess. She stays loyal to Vince and says she doesn't know what he's talking about. Over on the sidelines, Ornette continues talking his kid up to Street. Ornette asks what school gets kids to the pros quickest, which school he'd get TV time at. Street kind of quietly mutters to Vince about finding a school he's comfortable at, not worrying about TV time. Coach calls over for Vince to get back on the field. "I need my quarterback." Ornette takes offense at this statement, and uses his verbal prowess to spin around Coach -- "Oh, okay, YOUR quarterback. Can you let him air it out a bit? Throw that 60-yard bomb? You the Kingmaker. You the masterMIND." Meanwhile, Jason Street has started wheeling onto the field toward Coach. He gets there and says quietly: "You know you got a problem there, don't you?" and Coach, hands on hips, "I sure do" and damn this plot line is just really interesting to me. Shot through with so many issues regarding class and race. These white men doing what "we" think is best for Vince, paternalism at work; Vince's father, grasping at autonomy, trying to articulate what he thinks is best for his kid, which is not an upstanding-John-Cougar-Mellancamp vision of sport and manhood and citizenry but rather a too-obvious grab for money and success, unleavened by the wholesome narrative white people like to lay over top. And, really, even though he is obviously Evil Cigarette Smoking Man, do we really blame Ornette here?

Barbecue at the Taylor's. Coach works the grill, people mill about, the players wear shirts and ties. The Deacon calls everyone to prayer, quotes James Russell Lowell (which, what? Lowell in Texas?!). He asks for focus on Friday and strength for the community. "Lions say 'Amen'" Becky says hi to Luke but he ignores her to go talk to Julie about college, which she stutters about a bit. Out front of the house, Vince and his family and some other folks hang out while the little boys run around with Ornette and Vince. Regina and Jess talk about father and son, Regina with some seriously rose-colored glasses on about their relationship. Ornette's phone rings and he takes it around the side of the house, clearly talking to a recruiter. He hangs up as Coach approaches, his hair kind of lamely "finger guns," which doesn't bode well for this conversation. Coach broaches the subject of Ornette having contact with scouts. Coach reminds him that they had agreed that everything would go through him. Ornette says that is not how he remembers it and so Coach asks him to please let him know how he DOES remember it. Ornette starts blinking rapidly, which is like a surprisingly intimidating move, and slowly rubs his ear, saying that he remembers listening to what Coach had to say, but that nobody put him in charge. "You the coach. This is my SON." Ornette tells Coach to just go ahead and "be the coach, boss all these little bitch-ass parents around" then turns and fixes Coach with his eyes, "But that ain't gonna fly with me." He switches tones on a dime, brightly declaring that he's going to go get some pie. Does Coach want any? No? Okay, then. He loves that brisket. And saunters off, while Coach is stuck there speechless, with some seriously deflated hair. In the background we notice Vince noticing their tense interaction.

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