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Tami gets in bed, moaning with tiredness, and then cuddles up with Coach. She tells him that she's not going to the game on Friday because she is going to drive up to Burleson College to pick up Julie's books and assignments. Coach is outraged that she would do this, why doesn't Julie do it herself? Tami says she can't get Julie to do anything, she barely leaves the house. They talk at and over each other, Tami saying she won't let Julie miss her first semester of college, Eric declaring he thinks "that damn kid is climbing back in the womb again!" Tami settles back down and Eric suggests that while she's there she should tell them they've got an employee messing around with students. Tami reminds him that "it takes two to tango" and Eric asks her to please not even talk about that, he doesn't want to think about that. She nestles in and Eric thanks her for setting up the barbecue. He kisses her on the head. "Thanks for all you do. Thanks for our two beautiful daughters. Thanks for doing the laundry." They start to make out a little and Coach's hair goes all question mark/exclamation mark: "Hey, you wanna fool around?" Tami mutters, "sure".....right before she passes out asleep.

Commercials Tami wanders into Head T.A. Derek Bishop's office. She asks if he's the professor, and he tells her that he's the TA, Derek. Tami's face goes a bit stunned and she hesitates before quietly asking to pick up an independent study for Julie Taylor. She can barely look at him. He asks her, with way too much solicitation if you ask me, how Julie is doing and Tami's mouth is tight, "She's fine." Derek flutters around gathering materials to hand to Tami and she leaves with a very punctilious "Thank you very much." And, lord, as much as we want to see Tami Taylor unleash the rage on this doofus, it is so right that she doesn't. Even if she is picking up assignments for Julie like she's a second grader stuck at home with the chicken pox, Julie IS an adult, and her mom can't go around raging at people on her behalf. But what restraint that probably took Tami.

Game time. Luke walks toward the locker room amidst fanfare. Deacon asks him what he's going to do to Tommy Larkin and Luke turns around and talks some trash that he probably doesn't mean to be adorable but: well it is. "I'm gonna rip Tommy Larkin's head off, chew up his bones!" Aw, Luke Cafferty! He passes by Becky and says "Hey, Rally Girl." She stops and is like "What did you just call me?" and all he says is "Stadium's that way" not even bothering to listen when she says she isn't going to the game. Becky shifts her weight back and forth as he walks on.

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