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Announcer exposits about all the bad blood between the Lions and the Panthers. Camera catches kids up in the stands wearing black and white prison stripes. On the sidelines, Street rallies the Panthers by shouting "We the only team in Dillon!" while Coach rallies his players by saying they are about to leave it all on the field. Game starts and the first play we see finds Luke Cafferty seriously laying Tommy Larkin out. Larkin is down, injured, and the Lions act kind of poorly on the sidelines, shouting and celebrating when sportsmanship calls for sober consideration of the other player's pain. The coaches try to restrain their boys, but they have let something out that they can't quite control. Next play, Luke sacks the quarterback and the teams get shove-y out on the field. Ornette is up in the stands talking up his kid to a scout when Vince takes a snap and then runs it all the way in for a touchdown, to everyone's delight. The Lions overcelebrate on the sidelines. Next snap, Luke runs it into the endzone. More plays, more monster hits, more mixing it up on the field, more flags being thrown. Crowley asks Coach -- who has been standing aside, very un-Coach-like -- if he's going to do anything about this, prompting Coach to go yell some at his players. Billy, grinning, tells him to relax, the kids are just having fun, and Crowley turns to him and growls, "I am not talking to you. NOT talking to YOU."

The score is 31-7 Lions with just about 20 seconds to go. Coach sends Vince out for the last play of the game, telling him to take a knee and run the clock out. Vince runs out and catches his father pointing his finger at him from the stands. The team at first takes their Victory formation to take a knee, but Vince changes it up at the last minute. He takes a snap and throws the ball all the way downfield to Hastings who catches it and runs it in for a very unnecessary final touchdown. Coach watches in dismay, the announcer talks about the chip Eric Taylor has on his shoulder, Ornette celebrates in the stands, the scout talks about what a nice throw that was. And as the kids celebrate and Tinker shouts at the Panthers to get off his field, and Crowley shouts over to him that "this isn't who we are, Eric," Coach's hair is at a loss, like he suddenly found himself at a party full of people he despises, a bunch of cokeheads and braggarts.

Commercials. Lions locker room. Major celebrations while Eric full-out YELLS at Vince about his father orchestrating that bad-faith final touchdown and Vince breaking down and yelling back that yeah, so what if he did? His father is looking out for him. Vince joins the chanting celebration while Coach and his hair (which looks like a cartoon character, pointing right and left simultaneously) slam the door to their office behind them.

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