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Playing Dirty

Outside, Luke signs an autograph for a kid and then sees Becky walking by. "Hey, fours!" he calls, because she is wearing a shirt with his number, "44" on it. She comes over, smiling and gives him a hug which he doesn't really respond to. She finally asks him, "What are you doing?" and he replies that he's going to Buddy's, maybe catch a keg somewhere. But she's like, no, why are you acting weird toward me? He plays dumb and she mimicks him tough-talking at her. She says that she figured it was just testosterone pumping before the game, but... She says that he's usually friendly and call her by her name and that is all it takes to crack Tough Luke Cafferty. His puppy dog ways come right back as he asks, "Wait, you like it when I'm nice to you?" and she's like "YES!" He explains that someone told him that if he liked her, he had to ignore her to get her to like him. "Becky, I hate acting this way toward you. I really like you." She tells him that she really likes him, too and then leans in for a kiss, which he breaks by smiling and laughing, "It totally worked." Which, yeah, it totally did. Chalk one up to the Surprising Wisdom of Billy Riggins.

Tami comes home to a sad Julie on the couch. Julie quickly says that she cleaned the kitchen. Tami quietly thanks her and then puts all of Julie's books down on the coffee table in front of her. A big World History textbook (for her American History course?), TWO MLA handbooks, and a copy of Washington Square. Hell yeah on this last one. Julie asks if Tami talked to Derek and Tami just murmurs in response. Julie wants to know what he said and Tami just tells her "You need to study." And we understand, again, that Tami can only take care of some of the logistics now. The emotional instruction she has to press pause on for a while, let Julie figure things out on her own.

Crowley and Coach listen to the radio in his office after the game. Lots of people calling in to say that Coach should be ashamed of himself, letting that game go the way it did. Crowley keeps listening as Coach just packs up his stuff to leave. Eric asks is Crowley is going to Buddy's for a beer and he says no, he doesn't feel like celebrating. Eric leaves the fieldhouse only to catch a glimpse of Ornette and Vince talking to a scout in the parking lot. Coach watches from afar, completely cut out of the equation. Ornette glances his direction, wanting to keep it that way. Vince glances in his direction, torn about having to choose between father and father figure.

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