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Across the room, Tyra and Tim stand around making out. Coach Taylor comes up and pushes in between them, asking Tim "How 'bout a little space, huh?" Unsurprisingly, the minute he's gone, the two sex-crazed kids go back at it.

Inexplicably, the backing soundtrack switches from a standard radio-issue country song to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Gold Lion." On first viewing, I was sort of annoyed, because no way in hell would this song be playing at a car dealership opening. I mean, the band isn't obscure or anything, but still. The more I think about it, though, I think the show isn't really going for a veritas soundtrack, i.e., playing songs that would really be playing in the background of whatever scene, but instead as a way to further develop character or atmosphere. This song is totally frenetic and sort of claustrophobic sounding, so it works for this stressful and close-shot scene. For the next few minutes, the frame never gives us more than about an inch or two of space around its main figures. It gets totally claustrophobic.

Mack Brown (cameo!) and a few other silver foxes walk up to Taylor, flashing Brite Smile up top, while wielding a shiv down low. Mack's all glowing pearly whites and "nice" words, but you know he's telling Coach, basically, to meet him out back of the Tastee Freez if he loses on Friday night.

Meanwhile, Street has been cornered by Lady Mayor, who literally has her arm pinned against a door frame as she leans in and gives the yesboy a few lessons in doublespeak. He answers her every remark on his superior skills with a "Yes, ma'am," but when she tells him he's nice and has nice manners and he replies "Why, thank you, ma'am" her face goes venomous, "Knock it off. You can't go into the game tomorrow night like that." Pow! But, wait, I thought it was Tuesday still? Whatever, no time for literal-mindedness here when we've got tough talking broads to contend with.

We start doing some quick cutting. Taylor's still getting knocked around by the silver fox boosters, who have all kinds of suggestions for Friday's game. Street's still cornered by Lady Mayor who instructs him to "carpet bomb 'em." Um, okay Lady Mayor. I'm not sure I want to think so much about you and any kind of carpet bombing. She's talking so quick Street can't even keep up, nice boy that he is. "You listen to early Black Sabbath?" "Black...Black Sabbath?" "It'll make ya' mean." Cut over to Tim Riggins who is also now unfortunately reaping the darker rewards of being such a damnable Adonis: the attentions of sexually-dissatisfied older ladies. A woman with one hell of a terrible librarian haircut wails, "I am so confused about what a blitz is. It sounds a little sexual."

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Friday Night Lights




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