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Coach Taylor pulls Street aside and tells him that he has earned this win tonight. Street turns it around and tells Taylor that he has earned it too. You can see in Taylor's eyes, though, that he knows it isn't quite as simple an equation as "hard work + talent = success," that he knows there are all sorts of horrible and random things in the universe that muck everything up.

Quick cut to play on the field, which is already underway. I will here remind you all of my earlier disclaimer about not knowing too much, technically, about football. I'll probably make a few mistakes here. If you feel the need to email me about how it was a zone blitz instead of a safety blitz, I may feel the need to tell you to cram it. Okay. So Smash gets the ball, presumably off the kick, and carries it to the forty yard line. Huddle. Lots of words. "Huh!" The cheerleaders kick their legs. It looks great. I love it when human beings get into lines and do the same movement. Thus, I inherently love how cheerleading looks. ["Yeah, you know who else stood in straight lines and did the same movements? The Nazis. Drunken Bee is a Nazi!" -- Joe R] Coach Taylor looks SMOKING HOT in his headphones.

Street hands off to Smash, who runs it a little ways. Then a handoff to Riggins, who does the same. Taylor calls a "Barracuda 550." HE LOOKS SO GOOD. First and ten at the thirty five, and Street passes for a touchdown. And! The! Crowd! Goes! Wild!

Westerbury, though, counters with its counters -- which I can explain, thanks to the forum, is basically when a running back takes the ball, pretends to go in one direction to draw the defense toward one side, but then runs the other direction where there is now no defensive coverage thanks to the drawing everyone onto the other side of the field -- and runs quickly to a touchdown as well. Gorgeous shot of the Westerbury Chaps celebrating in slow motion, and enormous red and blue flags spelling out "C-H-A-P-S" being run down the length of their stands.

Second quarter. Tim Riggins kicks somebody's ass on a block, and Smash runs the ball downfield. Next play, Street completes for another touchdown, this one quite dramatic with diving and total devil's horn guitar licks wailing in the background. This is some good photography of this game, I have to say.

The Chaps coach is pissed and yell-y and heart-attack-y. Westerbury counters with a pass for a touchdown. The announcers voice-over that "Coach Taylor has got to do something to get his defense into the game" as we pan in on Coach "Is It Getting a Little WARM In Here, Or Is It Just Me" Taylor and his luscious head of hair doing some -- guess what? -- furrowing. Awkward fade to commercials.

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