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Half-time. In the locker room, the (I think) defensive coordinator screams at the kids, telling them to get their heads out of their butts. The trainer seals up some nasty-looking nail scratches raked down Tim Riggins's neck. Even-more-frenetic-than-usual camerawork. Meanwhile, another coach is picking Street's brain about what he's seeing out there, and Street is spewing out all kinds of complicated jibberish about how, exactly, he is getting killed out there. Outside, the marching bands toot and march like there isn't a mothereffing BATTLE going on. Back inside the locker room, Saracen sort of lurks behind Street, looking daunted by how much information Street has to be able to keep in his mind, in addition to his, you know, superhuman athleticism.

Taylor is totally tuned in to Street, who is just rattling shit off: "We can fade if I can get some time, but they gotta beat that jam off the line. Plus I'm gettin' blitzed like crazy off the weak side." I don't know exactly how they are doing it, or even who exactly is doing it, but I'm finding it crazy that this show is making me totally RESPECT football from an intellectual point of view. The brute defensive coordinator is still screaming at his guys and yells back at Taylor, "We have not been communicating. We are gonna communicate now." The boys respond, "Yes, sir!" and we cut back out to the field.

Not a good start, as Smash gets stopped pretty much at the line of scrimmage (I have to pause here to tell you that I believe I might know a little more football than I thought I did, cause this "line of scimmage" shit is rolling out my fingers onto the computer screen). On the sidelines, Taylor is a cool cucumber: "That didn't work." In the huddle, Street tries to psych his team up, but even the passing game isn't working. Quick cuts between Taylor muttering "Jesus, they're fast" to Lyla pouting on the sidelines along with the other cheerleaders, back to Street begging the boys to "Run your routes, have faith in your routes. You will catch the ball. It will be there." More incomplete passes. More nasty tackles. More booing. Taylor really loses it and tells the ref, "That was horse crud!" Aw. Horse crud.

Okay, so if you've ever watched a sports movie, you know that when things go bad, they usually then go even a little worse, so if you're watching this game, you start to get a little understandably tense. And for all the accusations that the story arc of this episode was predictable, I have to say this is some masterful building up of tension and expectation and fear. The Chaps stands are rollicking and joyful; Westerbury takes the ball to the one yard line, and then on the next play they run it over the top into the endzone. 24-14, Westerbury ahead.

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