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I'm Too Busy Crying to Come Up With A Clever Title

Everyone on the field now is on their knees. As Street gets put into the ambulance, a weak applause ripples through the crowd. The Panthers look irreparable. Fade to commercial.

The announcers exposit that the game has to go on, and as Taylor calls for Saracen, they wonder if he's even taken a snap during practice. They call attention to the stunned look on his face as he nervously straps his helmet on. The rest of the team does the same and the ref asks for the team captain. Taylor yells out "Captain!" and then realizing that Saracen doesn't know a lick, clarifies, "Saracen. Quarterback's captain." The team kind of cheers for him, and a bunch of arms reach out and tap him on the helmet for good luck. He and the other two captains walk out to midfield, hand in hand.

In the captain's huddle, the ref speaks paternally, reminding them to play hard and fair, instructing them to tell their players to keep their heads up. He wishes them luck, the captains all embrace and wish one another good luck, and we get a shot of Saracen from behind someone else's shoulder, and his face is pure "WTF? No, really, WTF?!"

The teams get into huddles, jumping up and down to get psyched up. Then we cut to the hospital where a team of nurses matter-of-factly untie Street's shoes, like they've done this a million times before. On the field, Saracen tries to call a play in the huddle, but calls it wrong. Smash steps in to remind him. He calls it, his voice shakey. Break! In the hospital, the nurses unscrew Street's helmet. On the field, Saracen takes the snap, turns to hand the ball off to the right, when the runner has gone left, and gets sacked. In the hospital, the nurses saw Street's helmet off with a bone saw, as Lyla leans against the wall, listening and crying. On the field, Saracen takes another snap and throws the ball. Too low, it bounces off the helmet of one of his own guys. The crowd cringes. In the hospital, Street gets rolled carefully by the impassive nurses so that he's on his stomach. On the field Taylor calls Saracen over and tells him to "breathe, slow down." In the hospital, Street's breathing is traced by beeping monitors, possibly slowed down forever, as the surgeon cuts into his spine. On the field, Taylor reminds Saracen that all he needs to do is "read the coverage." When Saracen clearly doesn't know what he means, Taylor clarifies, "Just look. And then throw the ball to our guys." In the hospital, more incisions. On the field, Taylor: "Do your best." In the hospital, a full-on drill into the spine. On the field, Saracen takes a snap and tosses it to Smash, who gains some yards. The crowd takes a collective breath and flashes a collective smile; it's so happy to have something to take its mind off what it's just seen. Snap to Smash, who runs it into the endzone with a spectacular leap. In the stands, Tyra lets out an animalistic scream of joy and release.

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Friday Night Lights




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