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Cut to an altogether different part of town. A large, but typically misproportioned, brick suburban home. Inside, a tiny blond woman speaks in the high pitch of a suburban lady who lunches, only probably in this town she's more like a lady who boosters. She tells her daughter not to go out with Jason Street tonight, and to be home for a family dinner. The daughter, brown hair pulled into a ponytail, bangs unfashionably curled, sprays canned frosting onto cupcakes (problem #247 in the way life in a town obsessed with football might impact young girls). She reminds her mom that she has "rally rehearsal" that night; her bratty younger brother calls from the breakfast table "Yeah, rehearsing how far she can get her tongue in Jason Street's mouth." Her father -- full-figured in the way of rich men used to steak lunches with clients are -- tells the kid to "nip it." And that's the first nuclear/traditional family we've seen so far.

Cut back to the football field, where Coach Taylor sits in a director's chair next to Jason Street, getting interviewed for "NBC Sports." During the interview, we find out that Taylor's been coaching the Panthers for six years but has just been promoted to Head Coach. Taylor nods toward Street and tells the interviewer that "He's a good boy." The interview continues as Street exposits that Taylor has coached him since Pee Wee days, and when Coach Taylor talks about how fortunate he is to be able to be Head Coach during Street's senior year, he declares he feels fortunate because of Street's talent and "moral strength." Every time Taylor mentions Street's morality or strength of character, the camera cuts to Scott Porter who shows a deep trepidation in his face. It's like, if this were about his ability to throw a football, it'd be one thing, but it's clear it's about so much more, and that makes it all an entirely different story.

Meanwhile (and the music has cut out during the interview scene), up in the stands, a Notre Dame scout and Mr. and Mrs. Street discuss the future of the kid whose ability to throw a tight spiral is read by a whole town as a morality play about good and evil, values and principles. The Notre Dame scout tells the Streets that Jason is the best quarterback he's seen in twenty-seven years. Cut back to Taylor, who is speaking in perhaps more cautious tones than the Streets themselves, but who is also loading the poor kid up with more baggage than he could ever possibly carry: "We expect a lot out of him and he produces."

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Friday Night Lights




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