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I'm Too Busy Crying to Come Up With A Clever Title

That was a gorgeously choreographed scene; Peter Berg really knows how to create depth of field in the frame. Peter? Call me and let's talk about depth of field.

In a dark office, Coach Taylor watches footage of the team the Dillon Panthers will play on Friday. His wife, Tami, comes in, big hoop earrings and fussily-grommeted leather handbag, and pauses to ask him how the other team looks. In a word, they're fast. She tells him that she's heard "a rumor" about her attendance at a certain car dealership opening. Taylor rubs his face and apologizes for forgetting to tell her. Tami says "Alaska, that's all I'm saying. A much more relaxed lifestyle." Sure, if by "relaxed" you mean "dead from your own suicidal depression over four hours of sunlight half the year."

Saracen throws footballs through a hanging car tire while Landry free-associates next to him. Landry says he looks at the town like it's a smashed up guitar, a big crossword puzzle. "Satan's horns" is what he sees growing out of Street's mom when she's near the Notre Dame recruiter. "How about 33 down, 8 letters, for "state of bliss?" Saracen doesn't have much patience for this verbal play; Landry fills in his own blanks, "Try 'serenity,' a quality in short supply out here." Landry fetches a ball for his friend and, in handing it over, tells him that none of it matters because "I'm thinking of starting a Christian speed metal band. You in?" Saracen's grandmother's been watching all this from her porch in the background; she comes into focus and calls out "Matthew. You need to get a new friend." Landry, the ironically-named unknown quantity, the Christian punner, the insomniac optimist.

Our friend the sad, melancholy guitar starts back up in the background as Saracen chuckles with very little joy in his face.

It's possible that Saracen's joylessness comes from his having some foreknowledge of the scene that follows, which just makes me feel a bit of "ew" and a lot of "sigh." At least the melancholy music keeps playing in the background as a counterweight to all the treacle. Street drives Lyla home in his Jeep. They both hop out of the car, and Lyla starts a whole bunch of tucked-chin cute-speak, pretending to interview her boyfriend. A series of "Mr. Street, is it true that you can throw forty yards..." blah blah anti-feminism cakes, responding to his affirmative answers by affectedly saying, "Then you must kiss me." They keep this up, and sure, we get it, they have a sweet relationship, they're nice kids, not too smart or interesting, but hard working nice people and zzzzzzz.

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