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Credits. Morning. Smash rushes around getting a duffel bag together. His mom makes him pause for a lecture, telling him that she hates the school he's visiting, that he won't learn anything there but how to drink beer and chase women, and that he needs to remember that he is representing their family in everything he does that weekend. Smash nods sincerely and hugs her. And he is sincere, it's just that the party in his pants gets so loud sometimes it's hard for him to think straight.

Tim runs into Tami outside school and begs her to say something to Eric about helping Tim get back on the team. Tami says she'll do what she can but makes no promises.

Cut to a classroom, where Tyra gets pulled out just before a pop quiz to go talk with a female police officer. Cut to the cafeteria where the officer tells Tyra that a guy named Jeff Caldwell, Dead Guy's brother, wants to meet with his dead brother's victims to make amends. What? Tyra looks confused and wonders if other people are meeting with this guy and the officer coerces Tyra by saying that such a meeting often helps victims of violent crimes gain a sense of closure. This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen on television. And I am a Bunim/Murray devotee, so that is saying a lot.

Tami and Glen sit in her office chowing on fast food. Tami thanks Glen with her mouth full of hamburger and tells him that breastfeeding makes her hungry all the time. Glen is lying on her crappy little office loveseat, his feet propped up on the arm, and he exclaims, with an "ew, gross," that it looks like Gracie threw up on her back. Tami is horrified and needs his help getting it off; Glen leans in with a napkin and starts pawing at a spit-up stain on the back of her shoulder, saying that he thinks he might see the Virgin Mary in it. Hee. Coach walks in and immediately demands to know why the door was closed. Tami says she didn't want everyone seeing her eat her burger and fries like a pig and then launches into her husband, urging him to let Tim Riggins back on the team. Glen tilts his head backward and addresses Coach upside down, suggesting that if Tim was back on the team, maybe they wouldn't have lost Friday's game. Eric snaps and asks Glen to leave.

So now it's on between Coach and Tami. Coach closes the door after Glen leaves and tells Tami that the "lost little boy" look she thinks Tim has, well that he's had it since he was little and it's how he gets away with anything. He tells her that Tim didn't just let him down, he let the team down, and that you can't just get on and off the football team like it's a bus, "like it's, uh, uh, some flaky real estate class." The viewer is maybe confused at his random example but Tami doesn't miss a beat, "You makin' fun of my sister now?" Tami interrupts their downward spiral to declare that she needs a night out. Coach pauses and then gets all Lady and the Tramp by suggesting that they go to Don Antonio's and get a couple bottles of wine. While he's making these suggestions, he moves closer and closer to Tami who finally interrupts him to screw up her face and drive him back with a "Honey, I smell like onions!" She tells him she wants her night out to involve playing bunco with other teachers. She needs to be around people, other adults. There's a knock at the door and Coach's rose-petaled-bed fantasies shrivel for good.

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