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Tami can't see any of this, and probably that's a good thing. She grabs Noah and asks why he gave her daughter that book. Noah stutters that he did because it's, uh, funny? Tami finds an empty classroom and draws him in. She faces him directly and tells him that the book is pretty sexual to be recommending to students. Noah tries to hold his own for just a second, telling her that he's an English teacher and he is allowed to recommend reading to his students. Tami tells him she finds him inappropriate, and condescending, and she doesn't like him giving salacious reading to her daughter. Then she's on a roll. She continues, "I don't like you having lunch together behind closed doors, I don't like you touching each other when you talk." Noah starts panicking, and Tami steamrolls him telling him that she could have him fired and have her husband come over and beat the crap out of him. Quick cut and we see that a few students outside the door are overhearing all of this. Noah, wisely, clams up and just says, "Wow." When Tami asks if he has anything to say he says no and leaves, realizing you can't reason with an enraged animal, which is what Tami is at the moment.

Tyra and Landry are now in an empty classroom, Tyra is freaking out over agreeing to see Dead Guy's brother. She wonders what kind of freak wants to meet his brother's rape victims. Uh, exactly. She wonders what he wants. And the correct answer is: to shoehorn himself into this episode and guilt Landry into turning himself in. Tyra lames around about how scared she is, and so Landry offers to go for her. Can we take a minute and pour some out for the awesome Tyra of the last episode?

Julie wanders into the cafeteria and sits down with Lois. Lois remarks that she hasn't seen Julie for lunch in a while and Julie explains that she was supposed to eat with Noah but couldn't find him. Lois is like, uh, you haven't heard? And then she tells Julie that Tami "got into it" with Noah, pretty much calling him a pedophile. Cut to Julie haul-assing it down the hall to her mom's office. She busts in and shouts, "HOW DARE YOU?" and then tells her mom that she has no right, "with everyone else out there having sex with each other?" Oh, the righteousness of her anger! Tami is totally unprepared with any kind of reasonable explanation for her actions. Julie is sobbing over having the one person who listens to her taken away from her. Aimee Teagarden is doing some fantastic blubbering, screaming at her mom that not as a mother, not as a guidance counselor, not even as a human being, should she have done what she did. Tami is left weakly calling after her daughter.

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Friday Night Lights




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