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Lyla's youth group prays over breakfast at the Alamo Freeze. Landry sits off to the side listening. Lyla catches his eye and goes over to him. Landry asks Lyla if she's a good Christian or a bad Christian. She says she tries to be good, and Landry says he does, too, but it's hard to tell. Lyla says nobody is perfect, Landry clears his throat and tells Lyla that he has a secret he's keeping that is starting to eat away at him and he doesn't know what to do. Lyla tells him that she thinks telling the truth is a way of surrendering to God. Landry doesn't know what would happen if he did and Lyla tells him that's why they call it faith. Landry asks, "Just tell the truth, huh?" and she confirms as much, holding his hand.

Matt and Smash walk toward Lauren outside school, and Smash tells his wingman to stay strong. Matt asks Lauren if they can talk for a minute and then --right there in the middle of the crowds of kids milling about -- says that maybe they should have an open relationship. She reacts as predicted, tells him not to touch her and to stay away from her. Smash approaches, smiling, and Matt wonders what happened to smelling like roses. Smash confirms that that part doesn't always work and the two walk off together like the obtuse males that they are.

Timmy sits outside that morning, drinking a beer and wondering what's in that trailer out back of Ferret Guy's house. He opens the door and walks in, looking surprised at all the tubes and acetone and cough tablets that go into making meth, items that we all should recognize because of MTV's tireless work on meth's behalf. Tim is horrified, and when Ferret Guy comes in and tells him that he's glad Tim is a cool dude, otherwise he'd have to kill him, Tim just brushes past without saying anything.

Football practice. Tim shows up in uniform. Oh you are kidding me. Tim Riggins returns to the football team as part of a Just Say No To Meth campaign? I love it. I'm so easy (call me, Taylor, I'm not being metaphorical there). Coach tells Tim to get off his field and they go back and forth, a stubborn man and his even more stubborn charge. Tim almost folds under Coach's pressure, but instead decides to make this into his own personal Robin Williams moment. He starts going from team member to team member, to apologize for his assy behavior. Things we learn from this: he calls The Galoot "Firecrotch," and he appears to be working on some Jeff Foxworthy stand-up material ("If you can find it in your hearts to forgive me, let me make it up to you in the showers"). He apologizes to the whole team and Coach lets him join practice.

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