Friday Night Lights

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Open Relationships

Tami sits at home, brow furrowed. Coach comes home and they make amends. Tami tells her husband that she can't not have a friend at school that she spends time with. Coach acknowledges that it isn't about Glen, it's just that he feels like he's the one she's supposed to be yukking it up with. "I miss you." Then he says the most romantic thing as he hugs her close: "I like you."

Matt comes home and works some serious mojo on Car-low-ta. He tells her that he broke up with the seemingly perfect and hot Lauren because of her, his family's employee. Then he goes in his room and closes the door. Car-low-ta comes in and jumps his bones. Matthew Saracen, you should think about bottling that magical shit of yours.

Music montage of Landry walking down a lonely hallway and into the police station. "I did it" he says. "I killed him." And usually I'm a fan of the slow, windy drive, but God, we could have gotten here so much faster.

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Friday Night Lights




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