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The Lions are down 24-0 in the fourth quarter. On the sidelines, the assistants are just asking the kids to get some points on the board. Out on the field, Vince bitches that they keep running the same old plays, the other team knows what they're going to do before they do it. Luke sort of shrugs, and then Vince tells him they should run a Wildcat. Wait, is either of these guys quarterback? No. So why are they calling plays? Because they are the coolest, I guess. Luke hesitates in the face of Vince's idea, saying that Coach doesn't think they're ready. The Lions huddle up and the poor nameless and powerless quarterback starts to call a play, but Vince interrupts him and calls the Wildcat. They form up, and Coach, on the sidelines sees that they aren't doing what they're supposed to be doing and starts yelling, but to no purpose. The ball gets snapped, Luke and Vince do the little Wildcat sneak thing where Luke runs in front of the snap, catches it and then tosses it off to Vince who runs it into the endzone and TOUCHDOWN!!! Everyone freaks the hell out, Coach on the sidelines looks pissed. The offense returns to the sidelines and Coach gets in their face screaming "Who called the play?!?!" None of the boys will 'fess up, they all just shrug and say they don't know. The shrug: teenaged passive resistance. Coach kind of swallows his pride and asks Vince if he "wants to get some more of that" and then tells him to get the damn ball back. Vince asks him what they're running and heads out to play defense. On the snap, Vince comes around and sacks the quarterback, the ball goes bouncing, everyone on the Lions sidelines continues to freak the hell out-- including, most memorably, Jess, who has a serious case of Football Face -- and Tanker falls on the ball to recover it for the Lions. Back on the sidelines, Coach pissily yells at the boys that he calls the play, they run it-- GOT THAT? Vince yes sirs him and then Coach gives him the call: Wildcat Gun X Throwback. Vince is surprised and asks, "You want me to throw the ball?" and Coach is like "No, I want you to stand here and I want to talk about it all night." Coach sends the boys back out, and the poor quarterback gets unquarterbacked again with Vince getting the ball, rearing back and throwing loooong to....Luke Cafferty! Touchdown!!! Everyone continues happy-ing it down, Luke gets hoisted in the air, and this is the sweetest celebration of a loss I've ever seen. The announcer exposits that this is a great end to a game that couldn't be won, giving some light to a team that's been stuck in the dark.

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Friday Night Lights




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