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Full Circle
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It's our last episode (THIS SEASON) and I've loved every minute I've worked on this show. Including the back aches I get from hunching down in one position because I can't move because I'm up against deadline, including being charged with the difficult and important task of translating what it is that Kyle Chandler's hair is saying, even including the show's one misstep, the angry Latino episode. My day job pretty much involves reading, writing about, and teaching narratives -- how they work, how they make meaning for people and communities -- and I can honestly say that I approach watching this show carefully and writing about it as an extension of that "serious" work I do. Only here I get better hair, a little more hotness, and far more excellent cleavage than I can count on getting from Henry James.

Open on a pep rally, Smash leading a huge crowd in a "Let's go Panthers!" chant. The dance squad is on stage dancing while we cut down to Smash and Matt Saracen talking to the press, full circle from those virtuoso opening scenes of the series where we started establishing characters as they spoke to reporters about the upcoming season. Matt speaks first and quietly says that he has "nothing but respect for Voodoo and that whole team" before Smash jumps in and trash talks that "No, no, no, no, no. We gonna shut Ray Tatum down." (In a tremendously sad turn of events, on the iTunes version of the episode from which I am recapping, the music that the dance squad performs to has changed from that awesome LCD Soundsystem "Daft Punk is Playing at My House" song to some anonymous and terrible Pussycat Dolls kind of song.)

Cut to Lyla winding her way through the crowd, her father trying to catch up to her to talk. She ignores him. Cut to Jason looking toward Lyla as he half-heartedly speaks to the press about how good it feels to be part of the team again. Right about now, on first viewing of the show, I remarked on how I loved this frenetic press interview opening, that it was so "full circle" from the Pilot. Jason then says "It feels like I've come full circle." Call me, Show.

Cut to Tyra walking up to Landry. He says it's good to see her out of the house, and she snarks back, "Thank you, Dr. Freud." She pauses before spitting out that even though going to this game runs against her principles, Tim gave her his extra tickets and made her feel like it was important to him that she go. Landry doesn't miss a beat: " want me to drive you to state?" She mentions that the tickets are on the fifty-yard line, but Landry wouldn't care if the seats were on some bleachers along Harry Hines Boulevard. He stutters, "so, uh, uh, go with you? To Dallas?" before saying -- holding himself like if he moves he'll break into a million totally psyched pieces, "Yeah, sure. Sounds good." Tyra leaves and Landry slowly spins around in a circle, mouth hanging agape.

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