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In the hotel lobby, the players sit around watching press coverage of the "shocking news" that Taylor is leaving Dillon. Tim declares that it's pretty pathetic and The Galoot agrees. But Jason jumps in and tells them to quite whining, that any one of them would accept any offer TMU gave them. Smash agrees and tells his teammates that Coach earned this new job, and that now "it's up to us." Tim calls attention to Voodoo and Crew rolling through the lobby. It's kind of difficult to look tough while walking amidst hotel ficuses and mauve marble. Voodoo sways up to Smash and asks to talk to him. The two go off to the side and basically Voodoo tells Smash that he's not there to trash-talk, but instead to propose that, next year, Smash come play for West Cambria along with Voodoo. Tatum tells Smash that West Cambria has set him up real nice with a swimming pool and a dishwasher. He says that the two of them on the same team would be like nothing the state has ever seen. Smash literally glowers at the kid and says, simply, "I'm a Panther." Voodoo tells Smash that "it's just a uniform. I mean, look at your coach. I don't see him sticking around." Smash says, simply, nothing.

Cut over to Matt and Julie sitting in a stairwell in the hotel somewhere. Matt is pissed that Coach is leaving just to wear a red and gold shirt and be a stupid quarterback coach at TMU. Julie -- in a very touching moment -- tells Matt that he doesn't understand how much her father cares about and thinks about and lives for his players, that all he ever does is watch game tape, analyze, and strategize. "It's his whole life, Matt." Matt wants to know, then, why he's leaving and that is one question Julie can't answer.

Cut to Matt approaching Coach at the bar. Coach asks what he's doing up past bed check, and Matt simply says that he was with Julie. Coach looks at Matt and tells him he understands why Matt would be pissed at him, that he's not only leaving the team but taking Julie as well. He tells Matt, though, that if he's ever lucky enough to have a family, that he'll understand. Matt sort of looks off the side -- and, lord, those cheekbones are enough to slice a swath of hearts and teddy bears across my flinty heart -- and then tightly says goodnight to Coach. It appears that he did not get the answers he came looking for, as pretty much suggesting that a teen look forward to a time that isn't "five minutes from now" is probably not going to be the most effective way to get through to them.

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