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Julie and Tami lounge in their hotel room. Coach comes in, and Tami immediately starts apologizing for not going to the dinner, but Coach wearily cuts her off and says it's fine. He goes out onto the balcony, and Tami follows him. She closes the door behind her and goes over to Eric. She says she saw that the news came out and Coach dejectedly says he's tried to explain to these kids but they just don't understand. The two are sort of tucked into the corner of their large hotel balcony. The lighting is tremendous here, too; as they face one another, their faces are half bathed in light from their room, half in deep shadow from the dark night behind them. Tami starts the conversation, slowly saying that she has to tell him something that she's been trying to tell him all day and acknowledging that the timing couldn't be worse.

Coach looks at his wife, truly looking like he has no idea what she is going to say. She continues, saying she doesn't know how he's going to take this news. Close up on her face as she just comes out and says it: "I'm pregnant." Tight shot of both of their faces in profile as Kyle Chandler takes a split second to absorb the news and then breaks into the most affecting eye-smile I've ever seen -- and people, we are only seeing half of this man's face right now (and none of his hair!). He eye-smiles and asks, "What'd you say?" She repeats it, and he repeats it back to her, "You're pregnant like you're gonna have a baby pregnant?" She confirms his scientific inquiry. He asks her to look him in the eye and tell him this again. She tells him, squinching up her eyes in the sweetest way possible, telling him that he looks a little "peaked." But you can tell that even though he hasn't quite reacted yet, everything about his face and bearing is telling her that he's with her, that they are partners, and that he loves her. So when he starts laughing and pulling her face close to his and kisses her and laughs, "I love you!" it isn't a surprise that he is such an unsurpassable man and husband and father, but it IS time to lean over the back of the couch and puke your damn full heart out.

Game time! Oh my god, I'm so nervous! It's like I've forgotten that I'm actually not a character in this show. The boys jump up and down in the darkness of the tunnel, and I don't know who invented those tunnels leading from the locker rooms to the stadiums, whether it was a cinematographer or what, but I will never fail to be moved by those shots moving from that dark nervousness to the blinding excitement of a big game. So they're jumping around, and then we cut out to the field as the Panthers run through the banner behind the flipping and running cheerleaders, out onto the field, accompanied by the deafening crowd and football announcer exposition about their having to fight and claw the whole season to get there. Shots of everyone we know and love in the stands, all dressed in blue and yellow; shot of Jason wheeling over the field with the other coaches, his parents looking on, seemingly finally getting that his life didn't end with that injury.

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