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The camera ranges around and then zooms way up in the stadium where Landry comes in with snacks for Tyra and Angela, joking about their terrible seats.

Back down on the field, Coach tells his boys to own this game from the very beginning. They all seem effing ready to kick some ass, all except Matt who looks serious and pensive.

Ball snap! Saracen drops back and throws incomplete. Another play, Saracen gets sacked. Another snap, another incomplete. The offense is off to "a horrendous start," the announcer says. Mustangs get the ball. First snap and they run straight for a touchdown. Another snap, a beautiful throw by Voodoo and another touchdown, Mustangs. Shit! Buddy mutters on the sidelines that they're getting punished, "Curse of Voodoo." Shot of Tatum in slow motion looking damn tough. I'm worried. I'm really worried you guys and I've already seen this episode (spoiler!).

Coach is winging around the sidelines; he stops in front of the pensive Matt Saracen and he tells him to not even look at Voodoo. "Stay inside yourself, and only think about your next series." (This is advice I'm trying to follow in thinking about this show's renewal.)

Panther offense is back on the field, but before we can even get psyched, Matt throws an interception that gets run back for another Mustang touchdown. And not only a touchdown, but one of those showy, front tucks into the end zone. Shit! All the Dillon air goes out of the stadium as the announcer declares that it looks like it's over for the Dillon Panthers. 26-0 at the half. He says that this team would follow Coach Taylor to the end of the earth but that it looks like that's exactly where he's led them with this TMU controversy. A shot of the Dillon sidelines, everyone standing a little too still, arms at their sides, no hope. The announcer says you can see the look of defeat in their eyes -- and the camera cuts around to the Streets, Julie, Grandma, the Williams girls, Lady Mayor, Tami -- and then he says it looks like their season might end right here, and we cut to Jason in his wheelchair, and the injustice of it all seems almost too much to bear. It can't end here for Jason. It can't! We stuck with him through all that boring Quad Rugby stuff, it can't end here!

In the silent locker room at the half. And I might as well say it here, but I'm choosing to take this entire scene as a shout-out to me. Why you ask? What do I have to do with male rituals like football locker room half time speeches? Well, not much. But I do have a lot to do with the burgeoning academic field of Kyle Chandler Hair Interpretation (there's been a theoretical vacuum in the academy since the fizzling out of poststructuralism, you know). And, as we've seen, Kyle Chandler's hair has been in lockdown for much of this episode. And so it seems that, in this scene, when we get Kyle Chandler's hair released in its full glory, BACK LIT, rising from his head like a phoenix, nay, like the Karate Kid doing that one famous one-legged crane pose, well it seems to me that this glorious Kyle Chandler hair moment simply HAS to be a shout-out to me. I like to think that I have enabled the hair. You're welcome.

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