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...where the announcer exclaims, "Oh Mac Daddy, somebody stole my caddy, Smash Williams is playing through the pain." Whatever, dude. Seriously, say whatever, I don't care, I LOVE IT ALL!!!! Smash is running the ball like he's possessed. Cut to the huddle, where Matt informs his team that they've got 57 yards to go, so they're going to take 'em deep, "Blitz 27 Razor on 1." Really, WHATEVER! KEEP IT COMING! WANT ME TO BUY SOMETHING ADVERTISED DURING THIS SHOW? SURE! WHATEVER!

Saracen drops back and gets sacked. Shit! Panthers call time. Six seconds left. Mac wants to know what Taylor is thinking, should they go long to put it in the endzone? Taylor is skeptical, saying they can't do that because the Mustangs are going to have everyone back. Jason pipes up, saying they can run it out and then take a shot. Matt is listening to all this coach talk, and I'm feeling like there might be some "18 yard deep out" action coming up. See! I pay attention! I also pay attention to products advertised on and during this show, and I BUY THEM.

Matt tells Coach they can do an "18 yard cross Smash mirrors him on the other side. I'm gonna hit Riggins and he's gonna come underneath the defense...." okay even my brain gets taxed by all this football talk. Translation: Matt wants to do a risky play. Coach's saying yes or no to this proposition might be correlated to his willingness to trust this young man who loves his daughter. Friday Night Lights: Fun for men AND women!

Coach tells Matt to go for it.

Go to slow motion and slow instrumental music to underscore the assaulting chaos and speed of what's about to happen. Everyone looks on in anticipation. Ball snap, Saracen drills it at Riggins who pitches it to Smash the second he gets tackled who runs with it in super-extra slow motion just because somebody in production thinks I don't have enough goosebumps already, and he runs with -- I'm pretty sure -- at least thirty Mustangs attached to his dislocated shoulder and we keep cutting back to the crowd who looks on in terrified anticipation, and he runs and he runs and then dives and TOUCHDOWN PANTHERS WIN WOOOOO!!!!1111!!!! YES! I WANT TO GO BUY SOMETHING NBC ADVERTISES! WOOOOO!!!!

A whole series of touching moments where everyone is jumping around and making connections with people: Smash and Riggins hug, healing that never-followed-through-on hatred of one another; Julie hugs Grandma Saracen; Jason finds his parents and makes eye contact and then fist bumps with his dad across the distance; Coach tells Jason that this is for him; Coach approaches Matt with a smile of total father-in-lawish pride and love and hugs him; Buddy wooos; Tami runs onto the field and hugs her baby daddy.

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Friday Night Lights




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