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And a lesser show might stop here. A show that was only about football, that is, would stop here on this Rudy moment. But this show keeps going because it is about PEOPLE (and also about buying shit advertised by NBC).

Lyla walks down the hotel hallway and dumps her cheerleading uniform in the maid's cart. Wait, aren't cheerleading uniforms usually school property? Tyra happens to be walking around, too, and remarks that that was an intense move on Lyla's part. Lyla turns and tiredly tells Tyra that it's been a really crappy year. And it truly has been for her, right? (I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS TO HER CHARACTER NEXT YEAR.) Tyra doesn't get why Lyla thinks this year was crappy -- which is pretty dense even for Tyra -- "Well, Panthers won State." Lyla says it's time for a change. And then, as Tyra walks off, she calls after her, "Hey Tyra. Wanna ride home with me?" In, presumably, her pretend car. Tyra's game.

Tami is folding and packing in the hotel room when Coach comes in, funnily, his State Championship hat tilted way down so she can see the logo. He dives at her and hugs her big. They smooch and hug and laugh and the camera ranges down to show Connie Britton standing with her bare feet on top of Kyle Chandler's sneakers. Nice catch; one of those details that feels completely honest and improvised and not blocked out before hand. This freaking show. So good.

Tami asks Eric if he feels different. He says he does, and then sits her down on the bed and says he wants to talk about something. He says there are more important things than football and TMU, and that nothing is more important to him than she and their family are. He tells her "here is what we're gonna do: I am going to stay in Dillon. I am going to be a father to this baby, to this family, I am going to coach high school football and we are gonna stay together. And that's the way it is. Yes?" Tami has been listening, clearly happy to hear him say these things but then narrowing her eyes and declaring, "No!" She tells him that he is going to Austin, and they do their talking-over-one-another thing until she gets him to quiet down. She tells him that she doesn't want the baby to be responsible for preventing him from living out his dream, that she has walked with him to get to the place they are at, that they did it together, that they allowed each other to have space to create dreams, and now he's got it in Austin, she's got it in Dillon with her job, and Julie has her life in Dillon, and it's going to be hard, but they are going to work through all this together because their relationship means that they can do it. And they stare at each other for a moment before it becomes clear that Julie's walked in: "So, what's going on?" Oh, honey, if you only knew.

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