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The dance squad continues to dance to the way inferior non-LCD Soundsystem song and we cut over to Matt and Julie making out behind some sort of structure. Julie is explaining that she's working on her mom to see if she can get guaranteed summers back in Dillon after they move, saying she'll propose staying at Lois's or Tyra's. I love this Lois. Matt, in between kissing her, suggests she try for Lois's first. Coach walks by and catches them in full-on make-out mode, stops and says "Hey." They pull apart, and Matt sort of glares at Coach, who asks the boy if he's all right. Apparently Coach has not brushed up on the Teen Make-Out Rules and Regulations, section 19b of which indicates that anyone currently in mid-make out is officially "all right." He turns to his daughter and asks if she's heard from her mother, as Tami is supposed to be at the rally but isn't.

Cut to Tami driving while apologizing to Coach on her cell phone for not being there yet. She explains that she had to get a press release out (presumably for Lady Mayor's campaign, which we haven't heard much about lately) and that the computer broke. Coach says "Well that's because you press the wrong button on the damn thing all the time!" Heh. Computer "buttons." Nomenclature not unlike how my father-in-law calls his computer "the machine." Tami rushes off the phone and pulls her car into a parking lot.

Cut to Tami walking into a waiting room...full of pregnant ladies! Baby Alert! Alert! Alert! And just in time to erase the bad taste left in my mouth after learning that Brian Bonsall has been caught beating up his girlfriend, too! Tami leans toward the receptionist and asks if she can get a pregnancy test. The lady tells her they are busy and wonders if she can come back next Tuesday. Tami starts babbling about how it's just that she's six days late and she's never late, "I'm kinda like a Rolex watch in that way" and how she ate fish tacos on Monday and they disagreed with her a bit and so maybe it's just the tacos rumbling around in there but she just wants to make sure...until finally the receptionist suggests that she try a home pregnancy test. Tami responds with desperation in her eyes that she hasn't been home, she's got to go to Dallas, she just needs to know. And right at this moment, Corinna walks up behind her and puts a hand on Tami's lower back. She looks straight at her and says "I can take care of you." Women! Being supportive! I love it.

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Friday Night Lights




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