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Tami sits on a examination table and Corinna walks in with some paperwork. "How pregnant do you want to be? Cuz you extremely pregnant." Tami puts her face in her hands, then looks up and takes a deep breath, "Okay." Her eyes well up. Right about now is when I start to feel like puking, a feeling I will maintain throughout the rest of the episode, it's so good. Corinna narrows her eyes, "Do you want to be pregnant, honey?" Tami stutters in response, "Do I wanna be pregnant? I don't know if I want to be pregnant..." Corinna remembers her training and says she didn't mean to put it that way: "Did you plan this?" Tami responds, with a shaky voice, laughing in spite of crying, "I mean we planned thirteen years ago. And then eleven years ago, and ten years ago. And then we figured, we have our beautiful girl and that's what we have and maybe having another one wasn't in God's plan." Corinna tells her that it looks like God changed his mind. Tami, hand to mouth, her eyes wide and full of tears, nods and tries to absorb it all. And then, thank God it was also in His plan to cut to the credits here because I need to go puke for joy.

Credits. WHICH, FINE, I NOW FIND INSPIRING. ["God, FINALLY!" -- Joe R] Matt complains to Landry that he doesn't understand why Landry can't put Grandma in the back of his car. Meanwhile, Landry slices a chocolate bon-bon and asks Matt to try it. Landry remarks to Matt that the cocoa bean in the chocolate is a known aphrodisiac and points out that he's going to be alone in the car with Tyra for four hours. "I'm going to be playing some sexy Crucifictorius and we're gonna be eatin' on these very fine, delicate, erotic chocolates." At least he's not planning on trying to serve Oysters a la Station Wagon Exhaust. Landry tells Matt that pretty much this "may be the defining moment of my life, so you might have to tell your Grandma to take the damn bus."

Over at the Playgirl Ranch, Tim catches Jackie as she gets out of her car. She immediately tries to get away from him, but he tells her to hold on, that he's not trying to get back in those tight jeans of hers. He tells her that he wants Bo to have his State game tickets. He promises that they are for Bo, no strings attached, no pressure. He says if they don't want to go, she can sell them on eBay to get Bo a "PSP, or whatever he's playing now." He leaves, and in general conducted himself like such a gentleman with Jackie that she pretty much looks like she wants to tackle him and treat him like the dirty whore he just tried to prove he wasn't.

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