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Cut to Julie walking in the Taylor front door. Coach is in the living room zipping up various bags and asks if he can ask her a question before he leaves. "Did you tell Matt Saracen I took the job at TMU?" Julie at first says she didn't. Her father asks if she's sure she didn't tell him, and she crumbles, "Okay, well, I had to!" Please do note that so far, Coach Eric Taylor has been wearing a hat in all of his scenes. As if you can silence the hair, my friend! During this scene, his hat is obviously in a fight to the death with the hair it is trying to contain, as it is beginning to pop a bit off and to the side. Tami comes home and Coach, yelling, informs her that their daughter, "in all her infinite wisdom has informed Matt Saracen I took the job at TMU." Tami sighs "Oh, Jules!" and Julie storms off, muttering that this isn't her problem.

Tami turns to Coach, who sarcastically tells her it's nice to see her today. She apologizes for missing the rally and says she just had a number of things to do that day. Coach snarks that he had a few things to do that day, too, and he tried to talk to her in the morning and afternoon, but now he has to go catch a bus to Dallas. He leaves the frame and Tami, voice raised, calls after him, "Well, honey, I have to talk to you before you leave!" Coach bounces back in the frame, and never has a television screen been so welcoming to a man as mine always is to Kyle Chandler. He gives her his full attention, but she can't tell him under these rushed circumstances. She tells him it can wait and to have a great trip. Coach leaves and we end on a shot of Tami, eyes closed in confusion.

The Dillon Panthers walk onto their bus amidst crowds and crowds of cheering Dillon folks. Coach is in full-on hair and face lockdown -- cap securely on his head, those robot wraparound sunglasses clamped around his face. Tyra grabs Tim as he walks toward the bus, asking him where her tickets are. Erp! Tim tells her that he gave them away and exclaims that she doesn't even like football. Tyra says that's right but it was nice to have someone offer her the good seats for once. She turns to leave but Tim calls her back and holds out four crumpled tickets in his hand. She asks where they are. Tim sheepishly admits, "They're nosebleeds." Tyra grabs the tickets and storms away.

Matt wanders toward the bus when Coach pulls him aside. One can see why he goes into hair/face lockdown sometimes. Dude is intimidating! Even his jacket is zipped up to prevent any neck emoting that might happen. I guess it is hard to be so charismatic; if you're trying to keep things close to the chest, you've got to make sure your neck isn't giving anything away. He aims his robot face at Matt and says that he knows Julie talked to him. Matt says he doesn't want to talk about it, "I'd rather just think about football, sir." Coach, tight-jawed, robot faced, says "Alright" and nods to indicate Matt is free to go.

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