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Landry shows up at the Collette household. In the Crucifictorius t-shirt that IT DOESN'T SEEM TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR A RECAPPER WHO HAS GIVEN HER LIFE AND LOVE TO THIS SHOW MAYBE COULD HAVE ONE OF? Ole Sis answers the door, and Landry greets her, "Hey Mindy, how's the stripping going?" Ole Sis calls behind her, "Mama, let's go, our ride's here!" Ole Sis bangs out the door with a couple of huge bags. Angela follows, telling Landry that she'll probably be riding up front with him since she gets car sick, and then Tyra pulls up the rear telling Landry that she got four tickets instead of two, and she hopes he doesn't mind Ole Sis and Broke Ass Bum Mom Angela tagging along. As she walks out the door she calls behind her that there's more bags inside. Landry, so disappointed, says it's no problem and then goes to lug Angela's bag full of Sally's Cougar Beauty Supplies.

In the Landrymobile, Angela is up front glomming all the chocolates. She's blabbing on and on, saying that she doesn't know what's in the chocolates but she feels "so tingly all over!" Then she continues, announcing that she's hogging them because she's a little pre-menstrual. They come up on the bus station, and Landry spots Grandma Saracen sitting and waiting for the bus. This is the kind of plot contrivance I like to see. No matter that Grandma Saracen could have her pick of rides to Dallas, this episode NEEDED to get Grandma into the Vagina Mobile. Landry calls out through the open passenger window, asking her if she needs a ride. Grandma remarks that it's mighty nice and asks to make sure they've got room. Tyra gets out the car and says "Hey Lorraine!" and Grandma breaks into pure joy: "Oh my Lord, is that Tyra? Oh, ho, ho, did you bring the booze?" Tyra laughs a pure belly laugh that just gets me in the gut.

Cut to the boys in their bus coming up on Texas Stadium. Everything is in slow motion, the instrumental music hitting the Tears! note that we've been conditioned to expect. And the scene unfolds with near perfect pacing. Quick cuts to the boys' and coaches' faces on the bus as they approach the stadium on the road, each face registering different degrees of awe, fear, excitement, nerves. Then cut inside them all walking into the locker room, their small high school team dwarfed in the enormous room, they move around the huge space with boyish joy. All of this sort of gets you just to the point of tears, and the show knows it, lets you pause there for a second, and then twists the knife in a tiny bit further -- the camera ranges up to show us that above his locker, each boy's number and name are written on a blue placard. Then cut to the team walking down the tunnel out to the field, and if you thought they looked small in the locker room, the shot of the team in the middle of this gaping stadium underscores how vulnerable they are.

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Friday Night Lights




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