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They gather around Coach, the music fades out as he tells them that tomorrow, this stadium will be filled. He tells the kids that this is what they waited and worked for and then asks if it gets any better than this. They answer in unison, "No, sir" and he tells them they are damn right. They break into applause for their leader and for themselves just as the evil opposing team -- appropriately clad in black and gold -- walk in, Voodoo Tatum leading. Coach quietly tells his boys to "stay inside yourselves. We can beat these guys."

Cut to another round of press interviews. Smash defends Matt Saracen, saying his money is on Matt over Voodoo any day. Cut to Voodoo slithering that "Matt Saracen? Yeah, I know 'im. Honestly, there's not much to him." You apparently did not see Matt Saracen sing his grandmother to sleep, Mister Voodoo! Cut to Matt, stuttering that he doesn't know Voodoo that well. Aw, sweetheart couldn't trash talk a garbage can. Voodoo keeps on, with a sly grin, saying they'll crush Matt like a "flea." Cut to Jason telling the reporters that Voodoo is flashy, that anyone can do flashy but Matt has heart and is creative. Cut back to Voodoo smarming that when Matt is done getting squashed maybe he can sit on the sidelines and watch Voodoo, "maybe learn something." Back to Smash who goodnaturedly says that it's nothing personal but "if you ask me if it's gonna feel good to put Voodoo in his place? You're damn right it is!" He breaks into a wide smile. Smash has developed from that first episode where he was a lot of anger, a lot of flash, and not much back-up.

Cut to Coach, who continues to be in face/hair lockdown. He tells the reporters that it's a big game tomorrow, "a lot of pageantry" -- does this mean there will be a swimsuit portion of the competition? Because you know I never mind putting Taylor Kitsch into any sort of double-sided-tape-needed situation. Coach continues, saying that they want to bring the trophy home to the folks of Dillon. "It's been a tough year, they deserve it." A reporter hops in and drops the bomb, "So how does it feel to be leaving?" Coach, tightjawed, says "Excuse me?" Cut to shots of the boys overhearing the reporter asking whether it is true that Coach accepted a position at TMU next season. Coach tries to avoid the question, saying that they're focusing on the game tomorrow, but the reporter presses. He goes very still for a few very long moments before admitting, "Yes, yes that is true" and then walking away from the reporters, but also away from his own team, shot from a low angle, the empty stadium roaring up behind his figure.

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