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Landry is seemingly keen on putting a screeching halt to his education in how girls are actually NOT all soft skin and long hair but are instead usually major raunch fests. He slows down the car and remarks, "Hey, isn't that Lyla Garrity?" and we cut to a shot of Lyla leaning against her broke-ass car. Tyra can be heard gleefully remarking that she likes the idea of Lyla Garrity, "daughter of the car king" being stranded. Landry starts backing up to go see if she's okay, and Tyra protests. Landry says it wouldn't be Christian to leave her. Meanwhile, Lyla has scurried over toward Landry's car. Tyra brightly says "Hi, cheating cheerleader bitch!" and Lyla turns to leave. Angela, ever the role model, cackles like a crazy woman. Landry insists that Tyra get out to see if Lyla needs a ride. Tyra whinges and moans about it, but when Grandma urges her along, she gets out with door-slamming drama.

Long shot of Tyra and her legs walking toward Lyla and her legs. Lord, these ladies have got some pairs of legs. Tyra yells, "Garrity, get in the damn car!" Lyla says "No, thank you!" and you wonder if she's going to be able to hold her own with Tyra, who is clearly going to be a hair-puller. Lyla screams at Tyra, asking why she hates her so much. Tyra wonders which reason she wants to hear, the one having to do with Lyla's dad sleeping with Tyra's mom and trying to pay her off, or the one having to do with Lyla sleeping with Tyra's boyfriend. Lyla informs Tyra that her parents are getting a divorce, and so she isn't the only one hurt by that, and then reminds Tyra that she'd been flirting with Jason for years. Tyra so has the upper hand in this fight. She shouts that flirting is what she does, "it's what I am. I wasn't gonna DO him." Lyla digs herself in deeper, whining that Tyra and Riggins were broken up when the affair happened. Tyra lowers her eyes at Lyla's little-girl-whining: "Are you kidding me? You know I heard that you and Jason Street were having problems, maybe I should go sleep with him?"

Lyla pauses and then spits an "I'm sorry" at Tyra. Tyra says it's not accepted, and then Lyla spits some more, "You know what? You're a bitch!" Tyra's like, yeah, bring it, so what? Then, her voice a bit thick, she tells Lyla she IS a bitch but says she doesn't accept the apology because it's clear Lyla doesn't mean it. Tyra tells Lyla she doesn't have any idea how it felt, and Lyla quietly assures Tyra she knows exactly how it feels. Tyra pauses: "Wait. Jason got with somebody else?" That, it seems, is all it takes to get Lyla to join the Vagina Mobile.

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Friday Night Lights




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