Friday Night Lights

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Don't Think Twice

Lions v. McNulty. Twilight, happy excited football faces, the Lions cheerleaders without uniforms just wear red and black exercise clothes. The announcer exposits that Taylor has yet to name a quarterback for the game, this monumental mismatch. Cut to an hour later, full darkness under the bright lights, the game starts. Vince takes the first snap, feints a hand off and runs for some yards. Luke takes the next snap, and runs for some more yards. The Lions are making their way to the delight and surprise of all. Vince takes the next snap and busts his way through to the endzone, touchdown!! The announcer tells us that this is the first touchdown McNulty has given up in four games, but even without such a statistic, the goal would probably feel as sweet to Vince and the other kids. The announcer believes that the Lions may just have found a quarterback. Cut to late in the second half, we learn that the Lions are only 7 points away from tying the game up. Vince takes a snap, tosses it to Luke, who runs it, runs it, runs it to inside the ten yard line. Coach's hair is like "THIS IS IT!!" as he shouts and instructs from the sidelines. Just seconds to go, Vince takes another snap-- his mother roots for him in the stands, Jess freaks out on the sidelines-- but he's having a hard time finding someone to get the ball to. He looks and looks but ultimately gets taken down in his own backfield and the clock winds down. Lions lose. Everything goes quiet for a minute, but the announcer declares "We have seen a team emerge tonight, led by Vince Howard, a rising star." Coach gets his face together and calls his players to bring it in, looking proud. They come in and Coach tells them to listen up: "Every single person out here respects you fellas....Helluva a job, helluva job. Take that with you, carry it with you, and we are going to build on it."

In Austin, Matt and Julie watch the Heartless Bastards at a place that is not Emo's, but sort of looks kind of like Club DeVille. Matt stands in the crowd, not really plugged into the show, and he leans over and asks Julie "Do you want me to leave?" She mishears and, into the music, barely looks at him when she says "No, they just started playing!" He says again, "No, do you want ME to leave" and she snaps her attention to him. He says that maybe she's right, maybe he should've left already, does she even want him to stay? Julie's face is too much, she's completely stunned and panicked. She says that she's sorry, she was saying stupid things, of course she wants him to stay, "I love you, don't think about it." Matt says okay, but it's clear that he's not going to be able to close the door now that it's been opened. He kisses her on the forehead and tells her that he loves her.

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Friday Night Lights




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