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Morning. Tim walks into the trailer where Lyla's asleep. Oh, this looks like heaven to me, and not just because Tim Riggins is there in a muscle tee! The fall wind blows into the trailer, the cool sheets, the distant drone of planes above, the fresh coziness of it all. He sits and watches her sleep a bit until she opens her eyes. They say good morning to each other. And then we cut from the warm, golden glow of that world apart to a grey day at the bus depot, where Tim holds Lyla's head in his hands while he kisses the top of her head. She looks at him with tears in her eyes and he says, finally, "Goodbye Lyla Garrity." She gets on the bus and he stands, his hands on his hips, shoulders and head bowed. The bus pulls away, Lyla sits inside watching Tim, they share one final parting glance and then that's it. I was talking with Joe Reid the other day, and we were joking about what he has coined "The Columbus Day Massacre"-- the weekend when college freshmen come home and break up with their high school boyfriends and girlfriends. And it's totally a thing-- I did it, I know others did, too-- but I was thinking more about this phenomenon and about high school relationships in general. And about how when they come to an end, that doesn't mean they weren't something real on their own terms. It seems to me that our culture doesn't actually know how to deal with high school relationships, because they are often cast as EITHER misguided/dumb OR practice for marriage. But I don't think high school relationships are really either of those things. They are their own thing, they have a sort of unity and specificity that isn't related to where (or who with) you end up later on in life and it seems to me that it's important to maintain that specificity and not diminish or trivialize it.

Which is a hard thing to do. Because when you are a teenager one of the ways you understand yourself is in relation to those available models. So you feel really deeply in love and you kid around about what you'll name the kids and stuff like that. Even when you are smart enough to realize you probably won't marry this person, your imagined future can't disentangle itself from the marriage plot. But the fact that you don't end up with this person doesn't mean that this was a secondary relationship in your life. And I think more than any other teen relationship I've ever seen depicted, Matt and Julie are teaching us about this. This is a primary fucking relationship, and it is true and real and I think it's fantastic to be asked to, in the context of a television show, really respect what these young people have -- not as training wheels but as its own sort of emotional Mack Truck.

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