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Don't Think Twice

Matt pulls up in front of the Taylor's house, and their world apart is coming to an end just like Tim and Lyla's. Matt thanks her for the tickets and she says that it was nice to get away with him. They are quiet for a moment until Julie leans over to kiss him, and their kiss is seriously weep-inducing. Here I am again, with the tears. Matt mumbles "Love you, Julie" and she replies, "Love you, Matty." She pulls back and says she has to go. They've both got tears in their eyes as Matt says "See you later?" She says "Yeah" and quickly gets her stuff out of the car as her face starts to ugly cry. Cut to Julie walking in the front door. Tami, at the kitchen table, has her opening line ready: "That better've been a great concert, babe." Julie apologizes, and as her mother tells her how worried sick they've been, Julie just slides down the wall and moans, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry" as she breaks into sobs. Tami asks "What happened, hun, did something happen?" And Julie just says simply, "I think he's leaving." Tami comes over to her and sits next to her bereft daughter, leaning her head on her shoulder.

Matt sits in his car outside of his house. Inside, he can hear Shelby and Grandma discussing the television, trying to get the picture better on this one, wondering whether they need a new one. He sits and thinks. He's already gone.

Tim gets out of his truck and finds Becky on the back patio. Bob Dylan's "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" starts to play. He sits next to her and opens a beer. Becky asks how Lyla is and Tim answers, "Gone." She asks if he has a broken heart, and Tim says he doesn't know. Becky: "Was she the love of your life?" Tim looks at her but doesn't answer. Becky fiddles with the edge of the table and starts teen-babbling. She figures that maybe there's more than one soul mate for everyone. "Cuz like, say I'm born in Texas, but my soul mate is born all the way over in Sri Lanka. That seems randomly unfair!" She smiles dopily and continues (in the absence of any reply from Tim), thinking that it only makes sense for there to be more than one. Because you have your first and it's new and you feel things you've never felt before and then they break your heart. Then you cry and are sad, and then you meet someone else, and then they're you're new soul mate, because they make you feel things the other one couldn't...."and then they break your heart." Right about now, Tim interrupts my extreme surprise that I kind of agree with this silly chatty Becky by turning his head in her direction. She looks at him expectantly, and he says "Becky.....shut up.....please?" He goes back to drinking beer and looking like the saddest zombie in the world.

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Friday Night Lights




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