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Tim, annoyed, goes to answer a knock at his trailer door, "Becky, come on" he mutters. But it isn't Becky, it is LYLA GARRITY!!! And if you didn't squeal when you saw that, then you are a bigger man than I. Seriously, my years of Lyla Garrity cheerleading (heh, get it?) are so completely rewarded in this episode, because Lyla is becoming a seriously kick-ass woman. Another reason why I love this show: it's super easy to take pot shots at the cheerleader character; it's not as easy to develop that cheerleader the way they have. But I have to confess that I experience a weird dissonance when Minka Kelly suddenly appears, having been gone for a while, because it's hard for me to think that she's been off at Vanderbilt being Lyla Garrity when all I can think about is that where she's really been has been off at Yankee Stadium dating Derek Jeter.

Okay, so Lyla is at Tim Riggins' trailer door. He says he thought she'd be back to school already and she explains: "Midterm break." She's stayed in Dillon after the funeral to see her dad some. The Texas wind blows all around them as they stand there. Tim doesn't know what to say so he says "That's nice" and she scoffs at him. So he changes that to "That's not nice?" Lyla tells him that he's really something, how he stopped calling and just disappeared. Her dad told her that Tim threw away his scholarship, and Tim confirms as much. Lyla emits this weirdly harsh "Wow," in the kind of intonation that you think, in the midst of an argument, is really getting your point across but later will probably make you cringe remembering it. She starts getting more pissed, sarcastically saying "I'm-a- I'm so glad I came over..." when Tim just comes out of nowhere on the left side of your screen and kisses her real smash-faced. Lyla's brow furrows in both consternation and absolute fucking pleasure: THIS KISS IS HOT. They don't even come up for air as they blindly make their way into the trailer.

Credits. Taylor kitchen and Tami is saying "No, no, no." Julie's proposed the Austin Music Festival and Tami is laying down the law. She tells her daughter that it's two school nights and Julie hasn't even gotten into college yet. Julie wonders if she HAD gotten into college whether the conversation would be moot. Tami is not caught in her daughter's trap and lays out all the criteria Julie would have had to have met to allow for this trip: taken her exams, accepted into three schools early decision. So Julie takes another tack-- "Matt's dad just died, Mom." Tami tells her that she's not even going to dignify that with a response, and good for her. Eric walks into the maelstrom and Julie pleads her case to him, but he backs up Tami, "No I don't think you'll be going to Austin with Matt" and Julie storms out: "You guys are awful."

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