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Landry throws the football at the tire ring in Matt's tiny yard. Landry says he's sorry and Matt tries to keep things light by pretending Landry is talking about how badly he's throwing the ball. But Landry persists and says he's talking about Matt's father dying. Matt tells him that "Didja know they're giving us a death gratuity? It's like a hundred thousand dollars." Landry cracks about said gratuity coming in a tip jar and Matt explains that Grandma Saracen's now set up for life. Landry asks "What about you? How're you doing?" and Matt gets irritated that people keep asking him how he's doing. Landry says that he doesn't really know what to say and Matt suggests he not say anything at all, "It's over with, we took care of all that and now we're just throwing footballs." Oh, Matt. It isn't over yet. Landry keeps his cool and says that he doesn't know whether Matt is just looking for a fight or whether he wants Landry to give a big speech, but he's not going to do any of that, and he doesn't care what Matt does because "either way? I'm going to be your best friend, because I've been your best friend since we were five." On second viewing, this scene is a bit too telegraphed, but conceptually I like it: Landry assuring Matt that he will be there for him no matter what he does, and no matter where he goes. I can get behind that sentiment.

Tami gets to the office and is met by her assistant bearing messages, one of which is that Julie called and said that she will see Tami on Saturday. "What was that?!" Tami needs to know. Well Julie called fifteen minutes ago and said she was going to Austin. Tami's voice goes all wonky in this great way: emotion surging but she's trying (unsuccessfully) to sound normal: "Alright" she sing songs and asks her assistant to get the door. She quickly picks up her cell phone and gets Julie's voice mail and leaves one hell of a pissed-off mom message: "Julie? This is your mother callin'. I just got the strangest message that you have gone to Austin? Which I know cannot be true, considerin' the fact that both your father and I told you you could NOT go to Austin. So you had best call me back right away thank you very much" CLICK. It's that "you had best" that really gets me.

Landry approaches Jess at her locker. Jess greets him, "Hello, stranger." Landry launches right into it and says that he thinks the best way to deal with this is to be completely mature. Cut to Jess whose face has gone poker. Then Landry starts babbling: kissing Jess was great, she's great, she should know that, bottom line, and there's a part of him that thinks they should just see where this goes but there's another tiny part of him that's still hung up on this other girl, Tyra, whose like embedded in the back of his mind-- he helpfully illustrates where by pointing to his head (LANDRY WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!)-- and he thinks that the mature thing.... THWAP!!!! Jess reaches out and slaps him across the cheek, to some "ooohs" off screen. She walks away and Landry spins around stunned, "Well, I really didn't see that coming."

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Friday Night Lights




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