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Lyla puts her cowboy boots back on, which okay I realize that that simply cannot be as sexy as her taking them off but still. Tim asks if he'll see her again and the camera cuts over to him lounging like Manet's Olympia on his trailer bed in boxer briefs. She smiles and says "Like when?" and he suggests "Like five minutes? Or maybe three?" She tells him that she goes back to school in three days, phrasing it in a sort of "what's the use?" intonation. She saunters back over to him and sits on the edge of the bed. He tells her that he's a moment-to-moment kind of guy and three days? "I can work with that." She flirtily asks what "work with that" means and he leans in really close and whispers in her ear, "I could probably tell you..." and then grabs her and throws her onto her back on the bed while she explodes in delighted cackles. He launches a thousand dreams when he says that he's going to show her what it means and they pause, face to face while he tells her that he's going to miss her. Right then, a knock at the door and a familiar "Tim Riggins?" Lyla's jaw drops open amusedly, "You totally have a girlfriend!" He insists that he doesn't and gets up with a sigh, while Lyla rolls onto her stomach, cowboy booted feet swishing in the air behind her and props her chin on her hands to get ready for the show. This right here is what I mean by a woman. And this totally happens, too. It only takes a few months of college to change girls and boys into women and men, and you can read that in this Lyla Garrity. She was well on her way at the end of last season, but there isn't any high school bullshit drama here, there's just grown-up hearts trying to make their way in the world. Tim answers the door with exasperation while Becky blabs outside about how he can't ignore him and she promises she won't be jumping on him every time she sees him. But her blabbing stops when she sees Lyla inside looking totally secure. Tim quickly introduces them and Becky hightails it out of there without really asking for the ride to school that she wanted. Tim sits back down and explains: "The landlord's daughter" and Lyla just gives him a knowing "Mmm hmmm."

Cut to the East Dillon football field, where the Lions are each getting their chance in the director's chair, getting interviewed by "the media." They all have different styles, there's the grinning kid's "Thrilla in Manilla" aphoristic style, there's the Landry style-- to analogize his high SAT Math scores to the team's chances-- there's Staub's complete disciplined silence, there's Vince's "total package" brag, and Tanker's hysterical laughter in response to the suggestion that they might win. Then there's Coach, in sunglass hat lockdown, fielding questions about his "history of quitting": "Didn't come out here to waste my time with this."

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Friday Night Lights




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