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Julie and Matt lay on the hood of his car laughing and enjoying a post-lunch siesta. Matt says that the setting is romantic, Julie approves of the sandwiches which Matt says he poured his heart into making ("It's hard making peanut butter!"). He tells her that her phone is ringing, she picks it up, sees "Home" and lies that it's just Devin. She tells him they're having their romantic picnic, she'll call her later.

Ray's Bar-B-Q. Vince saunters in and takes a seat and immediately starts harassing Jess: "'Scuse me, Miss? Can I get some service over here?" Her father notices; she comes over and tells Vince to leave that "it don't make no sense you being here." Her father comes over and Vince tries to play innocent, like he's just there for the delicious ribs. Jess's father looks at him -- and if fatherly death stares could really kill -- and tells him he can get the ribs from the counter to go. When Vince expresses a preference for eating there, Jess's father pulls the seat out for him and tells him to get his ass over to the counter. Vince finally takes his cue and leaves.

At school, Luke walks up with a smile to Becky, "Hey, it's the girl who loves her candy." An unfortunate side effect of last week's episode is that I will forever be disappointed whenever Luke walks in from off screen wearing a shirt. He tells her that he bought her some gummy bears. Becky immediately lays into him, saying that their little thing the other night was a big mistake and she doesn't want him treating her like a girl friend or buying her things and especially doesn't want him to talk about her with his football friends. Luke insists that he didn't say anything to his buddies; Becky believes the worst (even when confronted with the most convincing of evidence: Luke's incredibly honest looking face) and tells him to cut the crap. Luke: "I'm sorry, I just thought you're cute and I'd love to go out with you again, but I guess I was...yeah..." and then turns around to leave. Becky's face has, in the process of Luke speaking, totally crumpled. IT IS SO HARD BEING A TEENAGER. And I swear to you, I am not being sarcastic there. It really is hard. This whole episode is completely brilliant on the transition between teenager and adult and how many missteps you make in your relationships, and how even when you don't make missteps, when you do everything right, you still have to leave shit behind when you make that transition because teenaged love and teenaged screwing around are not the same as adult love and adult screwing around. You can't take it with you. Becky and Luke, however, are not even in the transition stage yet because they're still in teenaged screwing around, where you don't know how to trust yet, and girls think the worst of what boys want from them and boys are completely and totally adrift in the face of all that analysis and distrust.

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