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Taylors. Tami is leaving another frantic message for her AWOL daughter, which includes another perfect "You HAD BEST turn around right now." Gracie gives some editorial commentary: "Uh oh" and Tami tells her that she is her favorite daughter.

Jess leads dance/cheer team practice. Everyone else wants to just do the old routine, but Jess wants to liven it up a bit for their televised game. Behind them, the guys finish warming up for practice and Coach tells them that today they're going to play 11 on offense and 13 on defense: "Cuz if you can punch a hole into 13, you damn well oughta be able to punch two holes into 11." Hard rock guitars start up as Tim and Billy Riggins stalk onto the field in full uniform, Billy asking the kids if they've ever played a couple of state champions. Tim screams "HERE WE GO!" as he puts his helmet on and practice begins. Tim totally psyches the kids up, screaming "Here we go!" and "You feel good?!" But being psyched up isn't enough for them to bust through Tim and Billy's defense, and Luke and Vince struggle to get the ball anywhere. They get frustrated, "Guy's all over the place, he's so fast." ""Like playing against a brick wall over here." Off to the side, Staub thinks the kids aren't ready for this, but Coach lets it play out. Vince takes a snap, tosses it to Luke, who finally breaks through and runs for a touchdown. Score!

Tim and Lyla are out having beers with Billy and Mindy at a bar with a mechanical bull and Texas two-stepping. Billy is going on about how awesome he'd be if asked to play a football game right now. Mindy asks them to stop talking football and Lyla tries to switch the topic to pregnancy, but Billy has lots to say on even this topic. Mindy tells him that she knows he's got the belly and all but she's the one that's pregnant and Lyla asked her. Mindy takes a moment to sigh and wax nostalgic: "Y'all know what I miss? I miss ridin' the bull." Lyla declares that she will ride that bull. Tim declares that that's not a good call, but she's set on it with Mindy backing her. She skips over to the guy running it and he says "Sure, lil lady" and Lyla hops on the bull, grabs the saddle with one hand and raises her other above her head. The bull starts rocking and we switch between close-ups of Minka Kelly not really riding a bull and a body double who is actually riding a bull. But none of that matters because what we're really watching is Tim Riggins watching her-- totally in love . . . and like . . . and lust. The trifecta! She gets tossed and Tim comes over to her smiling. She, tipsy, giggles, "You miss me" and Tim leaning in for a kiss confesses, "You have no idea."

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Friday Night Lights




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