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Commercials. Outside East Dillon, Tami waylays Landry, wondering whether he's talked to Matt and Jules since they've gone to Austin. He says no and Tami tells Landry that she's just going to be straight with him: she tells him that she doesn't know where Julie is and if he could shed any light on where they are and when they're going to be there, that would be a big help. Landry is totally caught between responding to authority (which is always more palatable when it comes in the form of Tami Taylor) and realizing he should protect his pals and tries, very cutely, to walk a line in between. He sort of stutters that he doesn't know much but he thinks they were planning on seeing the Heartless Bastards at Emo's tomorrow night. Tami nods and wonders where he knows where they're staying and then Landry goes over the line and wonders whether Tami is, like, going to go to Austin? She clearly hadn't considered it, but something flickers across her face before she assures him, "No, no. But...I'm a mother." She smiles her thanks at him and turns to go, and Landry is left, as usual, in a muddle.

Becky practices her pageant walk on the lanai out back of their ranch house when Lyla walks up. Lyla asks if Tim is around and Becky says she hasn't seen him. Lyla turns to go, but Chatty Becky won't let this opportunity go to waste! She asks if Lyla's in college and whether it's cool and Lyla says yes to both, but admits she's been a little homesick lately. Becky can't believe anyone would be homesick for Dillon, which Lyla says was a surprise for her, too. Becky wonders if Lyla came back because she missed Tim and Lyla very sweetly says "No." She pauses and then goes on to explain: "You know, I don't really know what I'm doing here. You go away to college and you think you're getting over the whole thing I'm here and here we are." Becky says she'll tell Tim that Lyla stopped by and Lyla turns to leave. As she walks away Becky calls out, "You're so lucky." And then adds, in a smaller voice, "So pretty." Oh, Chatty Becky is really growing on me this episode! What a broken little girl! Lyla looks at her with compassion, but Lyla's hurting too, which Becky obviously doesn't realize because she doesn't know how many more years of heartache she's in for, like she's so young that she still believes that it one day you get to a place where it ends.

Coach gives Luke and Vince some game tape to watch. They stand there a minute and Coach looks up at them like they're doofuses. They don't know where to watch the DVD, and Coach tells them he doesn't care where, just not there. They head out and we cut to them in the electronics section of Sears, sitting on folding camp chairs with mall sodas in the cup holders. They worry about getting killed on TV this week when J.D. and his army of lame walk up. They mock Vince and Luke for watching game tape in Sears and then J.D. turns to Vince and says he's surprised that Vince hasn't stolen a TV. Evil to his rotting Son of the South core. Vince gets up to challenge J.D. and J.D.'s eyes try to go "tough" but really go "about to shit my pants." Staub walks up from behind and asks if he can help the boys, but then immediately orders J.D. and company out of his store. J.D. wonders "for what?" and Staub gets in his face to say that it's because he's just one jackass comment away from doing some serious damage. "And if that happens, I'd lose my job. And I like my job." That is some hilarious middle-aged trash talk right there-- "Oh, you wanna know what's up? I LIKE MY JOB THAT'S WHAT'S UP." J.D. and company leave and Vince and Luke are totally tickled, "He's from the east side! Coach, I didn't even know! What's up!" Vince grins.

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