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Julie and Matt are in their hotel room overlooking the Texas State Capitol. Matt flops on the bed and Julie freaks out and tells him to get off the bedspread, "They don't wash it, there's like bugs that live in it!" WHY DO GENDER STEREOTYPES SO OFTEN HAVE TO BE TRUE? Ahem. It's just that I may have done the same thing Julie just did a few times in my life. Matt puts the clock radio on and asks Julie to dance. She wonders if he's serious and he declares "It's pretty music!" (It's Patsy Cline's "Crazy"). They act cutely awkward as they come together to dance: "Wow, Mr. Romance!" "SHUT. UP!" "This is very romantical."

Back in Dillon, the sun sets gorgeously on the Airstream trailer. Inside, Lyla and Tim lie in bed facing each other. Tim thanks her for coming back and she quietly says "You're welcome."

Across town, Vince and his mom come out of the corner store with some bags of groceries. She can't believe her son is going to be on TV. Vince clarifies that he'll be on TV getting his butt whipped. She says that she has to find something to wear, and Vince's face registers distaste at the glimmerings of this plan. "For what?" "For the game" she tells him. He says she doesn't need to go all the way to McNulty but his mom says that she'll get a ride from a friend. She stops and tells him seriously that she needs to see him play. They continue walking and she puts her cigarette-holding hand on his back and assures him that she won't make any scenes, she'll be cleaned up. In a gesture that speaks volumes, Vince sort of shrugs away from her hand as they walk back to their house.

Tami finishes brushing her teeth while Eric is in bed. She declares that she's going to Austin tomorrow. Eric is like "What?" Well, Tami does not care that Julie is seventeen, the girl bold-faced lie when they told her, expressly, not to go to Austin. Seriously, how can Tami Taylor EVER feel angry, or mad, or sad, with hair like that? Look at it bounce around her agitated face! Such body! She keeps going, she's sick to death, Julie hasn't answered one single phone call, she doesn't know where she is. Tami climbs into bed, says that she can't think of another thing right now, can't focus, so she's just going to go to Austin and find her. Coach takes a breath and tells his wife that he supports her decision.

Nighttime. Tim and Lyla are still in bed, but now Tim is sitting up talking excitedly. He says that Riggins Rigs, in six months, is going to get busy. Tim'll be doing his thing-- "Handin' out cards, all this kinda stuff." Handin' out cards? Bestill my heart that is precious. It's going to get so busy, Tim's going to be under the car all the time, and that's where Lyla comes in, "Miss Garrity." Lyla looks at him with sweet incredulity as he tells her that they're going to need someone to manage it all when they get super busy. "Granted it's a simple life, but it's kind of a great life." Lyla asks if that's his pitch, swallows, and breaks into a smile. "It's a hard one to walk away from." And Tim's voice lowers to a more serious register as he says "So don't. I'm serious." Lyla looks at him and asks what he wants, and he responds immediately, "You." Her face goes through a series of pained motions and she asks "What else do you want" and he pauses this time. Then answers, "You." There is no way this would work, and it is just so sad. If Becky's and Luke's teenaged confusion is the first relationship lesson this episode gives us, here is the second: sometimes it won't work no matter how much you love each other. Love doesn't conquer all. Damn, show.

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