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Coach wakes up to the sound of Tami weeping quietly next to him. He reaches over and embraces her, while Tami wonders why Julie would do this, scare them to death like this. Coach tells her to shhh, that he trusts Julie and he trusts Matt, they know she's safe. Tami says they do not know that at all, she hasn't returned even one phone call. Tami doesn't know why Julie would do this, and Coach declares, "Because she's seventeen years old that's why" which Tami says just breaks her heart. Coach pulls her in and says that the more they try to hold her close the more she'll stray. Tami sobs that she knows this but she doesn't want Julie to go. Which sounds to me like a different problem than not wanting Julie to rebel and lie like she just did. Tami's quieted down and Coach wonders whether she's going to Austin, and Tami says no, it seems kind of silly now. "I'm just going to beat her ass when she gets home." God bless the un-Botoxed furrow in Connie Britton's forehead, which Coach right now kisses and smoothes away.

Matt answers his ringing cell phone. It's Landry, who can barely wait through Matt telling him what bands they've seen to awkwardly launch into the reason he's calling: "Hey, um, just a kind of a FYI...." He tells Matt about Tami grilling him with questions about where Matt and Julie are and says that he told her about the Heartless Bastards, "Which, thinking back maybe I might not shoulda done. It's probably nothing, just wanted to give you the heads up." Meanwhile, Matt's totally behind, all "What?" "Wait!" while Landry keeps babbling about how he's sure Tami won't really come to Austin. The minute Landry stops talking Matt asks "So she doesn't know Julie's in Austin with me?" and Landry realizes he just stuck another foot in it. "Oh, great, well I'll talk to you later!" Julie comes out of the bathroom, and Matt confronts her: "You lied to your parents?" Julie explains that she didn't lie, but she left them a message. She doesn't think it's a big deal, but Matt does because he cares about what her parents think of him and now they're going to hate him. Julie amps the shrill up a bit trying to wiggle out of the blame, doing the "I'm sorry but" explanation that she's sorry but she bought the tickets to cheer him up by getting him out of Dillon because he hates Dillon. Matt protests that he doesn't hate Dillon, but Julie doesn't accept it: "You HATE Dillon and the only reason you stay there is because of me, and maybe for once I don't want the responsibility for you having to stay in Dillon." Matt takes this all in, processes it, and puts it away in that place inside him where he keeps all the shit people lay on him marked "Deal with Later, or Maybe Never Because It's More Important to be Reliable than to be Happy" and tells Julie that he's sorry (because he truly doesn't want her to feel upset) and that he didn't mean to freak out, so let's just go to this concert. Julie apologizes too, for freaking out, and they head, heavy-footed, out to the concert.

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Friday Night Lights




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