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Hard Habits to Break
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Opening church montage. The Caffertys are at their Bible Church. The Taylors at their mainline Protestant church (Buddy, Sr. is a reader while Buddy, Jr. is a pew snoozer). Vince and family and Jess are at the rollicking African American church. Luke and his parents talk TMU out front after church. Luke asks his dad not to mention it to anyone else, but his parents steamroll him and ask him to fix his tie so he can go get a picture with the pastor. "The football star," his father calls him. Luke's shoulders bend just a bit more under the weight. Cut over to the Taylors -- who, by the way, cut a bunch of nice figures in their church clothes. Buddy tells Tami that Eric is on the cover of the Texas High School Football Magazine, and not only that but has been deemed "Kingmaker" by that very same rag. I'm wondering about the subscription lists to that magazine -- what percentage fanatics, what percentage pedophiles do you think? Tami is surprised and Eric demurs at the sound of all this hullabaloo. Buddy turns his attention to Julie only to quickly squick everyone out by suggesting that Julie and Buddy, Jr. make a "good-lookin' couple" together, which: NO. Vince plays with Jess's brothers while Vince's mom and dad talk to Jess's aunt. Jess's aunt talks about how hard it's been on the boys with their father gone on his apparently epic barbeque journey. Ornette mumbles something about boys needing their daddies, and Vince's mom practically melts. Jess's aunt invites them all over for dinner and pie and they all wax gustatory about pie for a minute. Mmmm, pie. Vince's dad is looking entirely too upstanding, so we know some shit is going to go down soon. Vince and Jess spar lovingly as they say goodbye for the day.

Over at the Playgirl Ranch, Billy watches football when the phone rings. The connection is bad or something and Billy goes and takes the call in another room, while Becky begs like a puppy to talk to Tim. Billy assures Tim that he's been making the payments on the land Tim bought, and then asks if he got the money he sent over the other day. Prisoners can receive money? The connection cuts out (or Tim hangs up on his brother) and Billy sighs. Doesn't feel too good to make your brother the fall guy for your weird schemes.

Vince leaves his house only to run into Kenard, the bad guy from last season who sucked Vince into the car theft ring, ensured Vince's loyalty by paying for Vince's mom's rehab, and then vowing retribution when Vince refused to go kill a guy with him. Okay, caught up? So, there he is, grabbing Vince, laughing, making fun of Vince and his attempts to be a "new man." He tells Vince that he owes him five thousand dollars, then describes how he "put two holes in that son of a bitch's guts, watched him die." He threatens that he doesn't know what will happen if Vince doesn't get him the money in two days.

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