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Tami comes home in a cab (from Philadelphia, where she had a job interview) late at night. Eric is snoozing on the couch when she gets in. They hug very sweetly and she whispers into his neck that she can't wait to tell him about her trip. What, there was no telephone in her room in Philadelphia? But Julie appears in the hallway just beyond them and Coach interrupts Tami to tell her that he has a surprise for her. Tami turns around and sees her daughter and nearly shrieks with joy but remembers to shush to not wake up Gracie. Tami is surprised because Julie isn't supposed to be back for another week. But never fear, Julie goes to Burleson College, an apparently low-residency program. She "finished up finals early," which, well, to be honest, if she is going to be an English major (like her interest in Moby Dick in the very first episode indicated), she'll pretty much never have to take an actual final exam.

Cut over to the Airstream of SHIRTLESS AND AGITATED TIM RIGGINS. He bust open the door of the trailer from the inside, chucks his mattress outside and comes flinging out with no shirt on, panting hot. Nightmare? Night sweats? What is it? Tim Riggins, I will help you if you will only just let me.

Over at East Dillon, masses of news trucks are gathering and driving all over the fields. Levi shouts at them to quit it, but Coach Taylor just chuckles as he rolls up in his SUV, "It's State, Levi, get used to it!"

The Lions hang out in front of "City Market" trying to rally folks to come to the School Board meeting and voice their support for the Lions football program. Luke tries to chat up a woman with a child, she rattles off some Spanish at him, and he responds with a sweet gringo-style "Amiga! Amiga!" She walks away and Luke, inspired like only a teenaged boy can be, tells Vince in a tone of wonder that what they need is a babysitter! All these women are moms, and they need someone to watch their kids....while they head over to the School Board meeting to support the team. Awww. Luke. As if that is the first or last place a tired mother would go given a free night of babysitting. Vince thinks this idea is aces, though, and asks Jess if she knows someone who can babysit. She looks them up and down, calls them "two pretty ladies" and then in a fantastically no-nonsense voice says "Learn how to nurse a baby. Get some milk. It ain't hard." Vince changes the subject, asking if Luke will come with him to hand out flyers across town but Luke can't. Coach has set up a recruiting meeting for him, with "Warrenfield State." Luke is already full of stuttering rationales for this "D3 school, trying to put together a good team." Oh dear, downward mobility.

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