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Goodbye to All That
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Mayor Lucy presides over a big pep rally in front of Dillon City Hall. Half of the crowd is in black and red and chanting "Lions! Lions! Lions!" and the other half are sporting tails and pitchforks. I jest. They're wearing blue and chanting "Panthers! Panthers!" Mayor Lucy coins this week's game their very own "Subway Series," the "Big Cat Clash." She hopes this will be the beginning of a long tradition... of what exactly? Heartbreak? Hatefulness? Evidence of severe inequality? She asks the teams and fans to come together and tries to start a chant where everyone shouts "Go Cats Go!" Except nobody's falling for that shit, and so the Lions keep chanting "Lions! Lions! Lions!" and the Panthers keep chanting "Evil! Evil! Evil!" Coach Wade, in his blue windbreaker, raises his arm (hmmm, like Hitler?) and points his number one finger in the air. Coach Taylor smiles and puts his hands on his hips, chest thrust out, cape flowing behind him. So Hitler, or Superman -- you decide who to root for.

Tim and Billy talk to a lawyer at their kitchen table while Mindy feeds Stephen a bottle and glares at them. The lawyer wants to know how many cars there were; Billy is vague, "Uh, more than five." Billy protests that they didn't steal the cars; the lawyer tells them the charge isn't theft but trafficking in stolen goods. Tim wonders how much time they'll do; the lawyer goes over their past fairly clean records: they both have a drunk and disorderly, Billy has two petty theft convictions. Mindy gets up and is like "You have TWO petty theft convictions?!" Billy gets mean for a second and reminds her of her not-so-angelic past: "Remember where we met." Mindy just groans "Nice" but wait, so now that she has a baby she is suddenly ashamed of and anti-stripper? That seems strangely Republican of her. The lawyer tells Billy and Tim that he thinks they can make a deal so that they'll serve 1-5 years. This is not good news, especially for the guy with the cooing newborn.

Grandma opens her front door and finds Julie there. They hug and love on one another a bit, Grandma is happy to see her. Julie tells her that she just came over to see if Grandma needs a ride over to their house for Thanksgiving, since Shelby is out of town. Grandma says that, well, nope, cuz Matt's got that rental car, so they'll just go over in that. Julie is confused, "Matt's in Chicago" she says right when Matt comes ambling into the frame behind Grandma. Matt Saracen!! Hello Matt Saracen!! Julie's smile disappears. Grandma excuses herself to go fuss about a leek and onion casserole, and Matt mutters to Julie, "It's actually better than it sounds." I bet Julie would like to tell him that there are lots of things that are better and easier than they sound at first: you know, like picking up a phone once in a while.

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