Friday Night Lights

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One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other
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Open on a close-up of Landry's tired face against an institutional brick wall. He recounts that he ran outside and "just started hittin' him." The detective interrupts and puts words in Landry's mouth, "Stepped in to help your friend, huh?" Landry states bluntly that he wanted to kill him. The detective continues trying to help, suggesting that the guy was hurting Tyra. Landry is confused and restates that he hit the guy as hard as he could, twice, that he wanted to kill him. The detective leaves the room, saying he's going to go get a tape recorder but really leaves the room to go talk to Landry's dad. The detective tells Mr. Clarke that Landry isn't helping himself out any. Landry can see them talking out in the hall and walks out there, wondering what they're talking about. His dad tells him that they're going home now and Landry just starts begging to continue digging his own grave. He says that he came here to confess and he hasn't finished yet. Mr. Clarke can't meet his son's eyes and finally just grabs him and says they're going home. Landry resists his father, who has to wrangle his son down the narrow hallway, all while Landry shouts and pleads about being allowed to confess. A bunch of police officers look on from the doorways of their office. Landry finally stops resisting and breaks into sobs as his father continues pushing him down the hallway, telling him that he loves him.

Credits. Matt and Carlotta are in bed, nekkid and making out. Just as Carlotta is about to mount the teen, Grandma busts in the door, drawling "Matth-youuuu? Did you eat my Snackwells?" Only Grandma Saracen could make pudding and Snackwells so sexually suggestive. So, Matt has the reflexes of a horny leopard because the second Grandma busted in his room he threw the comforter over Carlotta, so she's this big invisible-to-Grandma human-shaped lump in his bed right next to him. Grandma tells Matt to ask Carlotta if SHE ate the Snackwells. Matt stutters some more, half-wondering if Grandma realizes Carlotta is actually in the room, in the bed. But then Grandma clarifies that he should ask her in the morning if she ate the Snackwells. Hey, Grams, I believe that no one has yet eaten the Snackwells, but that by morning, that box will be empty. YouknowI'msayin? Grandma leaves and Matt starts giving Carlotta a hard time for stealing his Grandma's Snackwells. He's teasing her in this weird, new tone. This, like, manly tone. Rawr, Matthew. Pass the sugar-free lemon cremes, babes.

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Friday Night Lights




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