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One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

Tami walks into Julie's room, where Shelly is attending to the teen queen. Tami tells her sister to beat it, and then tells her to beat it once again. One of those time's the charm, and Shelly finally gets her meddlesome ass out of there. Tami helps Julie with her necklace and says that Julie was right about something: Tami does want a great family picture today. She continues, telling Julie that the christening is important to her because "you know...I want our family back. I want you back." She tells Julie that when Grace was born, she thought that she was the luckiest baby in the world, to have an older sister like Julie. Tami tells Julie that she's the most special person in the world and that today is so special for Tami because today "I'm going to be able to celebrate my two amazing daughters." Tami Taylor, you've got to stop doing this to me. Let's take a moment to note, also, that Tami Taylor's got her eyes lined on the top and the bottom, which is such a perfect small town Texas touch. Julie looks down and tries to continue being a sullen teen, but when Tami hugs her close, she reciprocates and says "I'm sorry about earlier."

Nice, soothing guitar fades in -- yea for redemptive and poignant montages! -- and we cut to the Taylors rushing to get out the door to the baptism, Tami charmingly calling out, "Who has the baby?" Julie is helping in the kitchen like she was never a thankless bitch, and Tami runs to call out to Coach in the backyard that she thinks Tim Riggins is parked in front of the house, asleep. Tami continues fluttering while Coach goes outside to find the homeless boy indeed asleep in his truck. Coach wordlessly takes him into the garage and hands him a sleeping bag and it's all quite sweet, and Coach was just, like, born to shepherd Tim Riggins toward a better life.

The Streets and Lyla are moving Jason in over at Herc's and everyone is happy.

Carlotta is teaching Matt that it is, indeed, like water for chocolate.

At the church, the minister says some beautiful things about unconditional love. Julie holds Grace close, almost as if she is human rather than teen. Tami and Eric look at their daughters proudly, and it looks like Julie is actually listening to the minister. When she holds her little sister out to be baptized, she breaks into a true smile, looks over at her mom and catches her eye and my heart is warmed.

Landry and his dad are sitting on their couch, waiting around when a detective pulls up outside. Beautifully art directed shots of school pictures on the wall and Landry's worn old boots standing in a corner expressively, just like Van Gogh's "A Pair of Boots," a whole life summed up. The music fades out as we cut to the back of Tyra's head opening a door and then a shot of of Landry telling her: "They're not pressing charges." Tyra breaks into relieved laughter and hugs him, and the camera pulls way back out to the road, and then pulls back in quickly on Landry's face on the other side of the embrace, and we see that Landry's eyes are, well, sort of dead. I think someone other than Mike Caldwell got murdered by this storyline.

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Friday Night Lights




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