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One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

Tyra comes home to find Mr. Clarke waiting for her. Cut inside, where he tells her that Landry confessed last night. He hands her a card for a criminal defense lawyer and tells her to have her mom call him if they need help with the fees. Tyra tearily asks what will happen with Landry, and Mr. Clarke just says that he doesn't know. Well that was a dud scene.

Tim walks toward practice only to find Ferret Guy hanging around delivering weird lines in Hillybilly Shakespeare, all measured pauses and deep breaths and twanging elocution. Ferret Guy tells Tim that his "return to the herd" (the football team) is the biggest mistake of his life. "So don't tell me I didn't tell you so." Tim is like, uh, I pretty much hope that I don't know you a month from now. We get a meaningful close-up of Ferret Guy's pasty complexion, so I guess he's been hitting the sauce. You know, the kind of sauce that makes you stay up for five days straight and pluck out your leg hairs one-by-one while vacuuming the shit out of your living room (thanks MTV!).

Landry is moving the grass out front of the Clarke house when Tyra runs up, her lips all plumped up with sorrow and anger. She spits out "You idiot! Yourdadtoldmewhatyoudidwhy?" Something about her delivery of that line strikes me as so affected. Like, it's the kind of delivery that makes me think of the actress, at home, in sweats, rehearsing with her cat. Landry tells her that he confessed because it was the right thing to do, that he can't keep lying. Nice long shot of the two of them in a sea of suburban green.

Football practice. Santiago is fucking up. Coach Taylor yells at him in front of everyone, rattling off what I presume are defensive plays that he should have memorized and that he clearly hasn't. Santiago takes the verbal beating silently until Coach shouts, "Can I have verbal confirmation?!" and he meekly says "Yes, coach." On the sidelines, Buddy tries to brush it all off to Coach as a bad day for Santiago. Coach says that he has great instincts but he doesn't know if "he's it." Buddy looks forlorn.

The Clarke men are in their lawyer's office, who is telling them that the case has a number of outcomes, that Landry could be tried for murder as an adult, or let out on probation, "it all depends on how we frame it." Landry wants to know what all this "framing" talk is about and the lawyer explains that if Landry reasonably believed it was necessary to hit the man to protect his friend, then there is no crime. Landry is like, hello? I killed him! He doesn't understand why they have to use "magic words" to frame the event so as to make him look better. Mr. Clarke looks down, wishing his son were finding out about all the "grey areas" in life by, you know, having to tell a white lie to a girlfriend or something. Landry wants to shout from the rooftops of Dillon that he is the worstest murderer ever but none of the adults (rightly) will let him. End scene on Landry's face as the lawyer's voice drones on in the background.

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Friday Night Lights




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