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One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

Jason is in his driveway, playing around murderball-style. Lyla drives up, and he teases her that it's a nice surprise to see her, his "favorite Christian in the neighborhood." Lyla "ha-ha"s him when his cell phone rings and he answers. Pull back to see Lyla wearing complete sex jeans. Praise the Lord when Lyla Garrity is on screen! So it's Isabella from calling Jason. He flirtily tells her that it's nice to hear her voice, and they make plans for the weekend. Lyla looks on with a grin. Jason lies that Isabella is a friend of Herc's, that it's a set-up thing. As Lyla jokily intones, "Oh, reeeallly?" Jason starts spritzing himself with a water bottle, and replies "Ooooohhh, yeaaahhhh," and then Lyla laughs and asks if he's smitten. God, get these two in more scenes together! I could watch them watch paint dry. Or, as it happens, watch them discuss online dating websites. They look at one another full in the face -- they're so open to one another all the time -- and Lyla tells Jason that his date sounds "very cool."

Julie comes into her father's office at school. He's surprised to see her as apparently she has declared that they are not allowed to see one another at school. She says she needs to talk to him and then launches into the first phase of her latest Mom Offensive. She tells her dad that Tami is going off the rails with the christening thing. Coach is, like, immediately left in the dust. He's way back there on "don't accuse your mom of going off the rails" when Julie's already at "it's so much pressure! I don't want to disappoint Mom!" So he's understandably off-balance and so totally open to her manipulation. He asks her how she thinks she could disappoint anyone which helps her launches the final attack: the litany of things that are just totally like stressing her out: "I have to keep up with my schoolwork, I have to work on my SATs, I have dance class, and I'm writing for the school paper...." Coach interrupts and promises that he'll talk to Tami for her. She thanks him, and Eric puts on a pleased and self-satisfied look, like he thinks he really parented it up there.

Gymnastics meet. Girls flip and flop through the air like insanely awesome athletes. Tim is on the sidelines, working the scoreboard. Coach sidles up to him and asks how he's doing. The boy sighs, like you're expecting him to say he's bored or something, but then explains that Stacy just got an 8.6 when she should be hitting those double backs. "She's been her own worst enemy all day." But Coach only has a moment to be surprised by Tim's absorption in girl's gymnastics because of the disturbance a portly man wearing a camouflage wifebeater is making, strolling around the floor, all up in the middle of the meet, whooping it up for Dillon. Coach wonders who this guy is and Tim tells him it's his roommate and that he'll take care of it. Tim goes over and tries to get Ferret Guy to leave quietly, but instead gets a lot of loud declarations about "that blonde over there" and then a suggestion that they get out of there to go hit the early bird special at The Landing Strip to "check out Mindy." Coach watches it all go down with a knowing look. Coach is so much better figuring out what's going on with his boys than he is with his girl.

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