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One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

Santiago pores over his playbook while Buddy cooks up dinner. Buddy is all smiles and seemingly doesn't notice that Santiago is tied up in knots. Santiago wants to know how much of the book he needs to know and Buddy tells him "all of it" and then chuckles about the dinner invention he's got on the stove: "steak and ramen-cini."

Tami gets into bed next to Coach. He tells her that Julie came to talk to him about feeling "overextended" with all the things that Tami's giving her to do. Tami rises up on one elbow and asks "What things?" Coach can't answer that question specifically, and you can see it slowly dawn on him that he's just gotten himself in the middle of a mess. Tami can't believe that Julie went into his office to talk about how SHE'S giving her too much to do and then wonders that "if our girl Julie? Who goes to school and then comes home? Has too much to do...well, I don't think that's the kind of girl we want to be raising." Coach tries backpedaling, and it is at least honorable that he's got Julie's back, even if she did trick him into supporting her side in this particular battle. Tami tells Coach that there is no reason Julie can't help out with this big family event and then declares, "I hope that you were clear with her about that." Coach lies that, yes, he said pretty much everything she just said to their daughter. Tami is like, I'm sure.

Landry's dad walks into his son's room where Landry is in bed, depressed that he is not being allowed to dramatically throw himself under the train, Anna Karenina-style (spoiler!). Landry says he knows his dad doesn't think Landry can handle the consequences of his own confession. Mr. Clarke interrupts him and says that no, it's he that can't handle the consequences. Dude, where is Mrs. Clarke in all this? It's really odd that she isn't written into this storyline at all. Mr. Clarke tells his son that it would break his heart if Landry goes to prison. Landry tells his dad that he's not going to lie, but his dad demands to know what the lie would be. He reminds his son that he didn't know the guy was there until he heard Tyra screaming, and that when he came out, the guy was attacking Tyra. Landry counters, "What about the fact that he was walking away?" They go back and forth a little more, with Mr. Clarke ending the conversation by reminding Landry that this guy raped five other young women. "This was self-defense." Landry leans back onto his pillow and looks confused.

Coach comes into the locker room early morning and finds Tim already there. Tim claims he wanted to get an early start on the laundry and Coach asks if his sudden work ethic has anything to do with his living situation. Tim says no, Coach does that thing where he looks meaningfully, clearly comprehending the entire situation in one glance but refraining from saying anything more because his boys have to learn to sink or swim on their own. Oh, Coach!

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