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One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

Tami is in her room on the bed, sweeting with someone on the phone about coming to the baptism. She hangs up, and Julie comes in to show her the dress she's wearing to the baptism, which is a little boob-y. Tami does a masterfully mom-like, "Oh." Julie gets it -- like gets it -- immediately, using the infallible mother-daughter insult radar which is truly 100% effective and then brats, "Okay, then, just tell me what you want me to wear. Tell me and I will go put it on." Grace starts crying, and Tami asks her daughter not to do what she's doing. Tami decides that now -- right after a mom "oh" response to a sartorial choice -- is a good time to address Julie's brattiness. To which I say, "Oh." She tells her daughter that she realizes that Grace's birth has been hard for everyone but that Julie needs to rise up and grow up. Julie goes immediately into a higher octave, telling her mom that this has nothing to do with Gracie, that she would love to grow up but Tami won't let her, that Tami thinks Julie can't even dress herself properly, and then she accuses her mom of only wanting to get everyone and everything just so so that someone can take a picture of their "perfect" family. My God, whoever is writing Julie is NAILING IT. Her completely flat-footed attempts to point out adult hypocrisy are so, so perfect and they make me both cringe and want to hug her because she's sort of right but so inelegantly so.

So this last accusation sets Tami off, and when she goes, she explodes. Sort of like a rocket launcher, I suppose. She shouts that she is not trying to make anyone into something she isn't, that she is trying to get Julie to grow up and be the beautiful girl that Tami knows she is. Except for Tami is, like, shouting this at her daughter so the whole "you're beautiful" aspect is not so much convincing anyone. Julie screams that she's acting a lot more grown up than Tami, and Tami tells her not to scream, and Julie says she's the one who started it, and then the camera pulls back and shows the two evenly-matched women shouting at one another through clenched teeth and making these awful tense movements with their arms pointing at one another. This is familial rage, this is it right here, and I don't know if I've ever seen it represented so perfectly. Julie cries, "Do you know how many things I've done for you? Do you know how many things I've done for you?" and Tami replies with exactly the same question, to which Julie answers, "A thank you would be nice. That's all I'm asking for," and then storms out. Tami picks Grace up from her crib and says sadly, "Well, I think a thank you would be nice, too." Oh, but Tami, you're the mom. You don't get thank yous, you get to fold socks.

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Friday Night Lights




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